Environmental Policy Minor Core I

Students are required to complete five of the following courses, with at least three courses being 300-level and above:

Environmental Policy

  • ANTH270 Env., Tech. and Society
  • COMM428 Environmental Communication
  • EC360 Environmental Economics
  • ES436 Glbl. Clim. Ch.: Sci., Eng. and Policy
  • LW270 Law and Society 1
  • LW466 Law of the Workplace
  • EM351 Quality Mgmt and Lean Enterprise
  • EM361 Supply Chain Env. Mgmt.
  • EV314 Adirondack Integrated Research Project
  • EV322 Adirondack Park
  • EC/EV315 Entrepreneurship & Econ. Dev. in the Adirondacks
  • EV/SS320 Social & Pol. Issues in the Adirondacks
  • PHIL270 American Environmentalism 
  • PHIL405 Sustainability: Thry. and Practice
  • PHIL410 Wheres the Wild Things Are
  • PHI371 Energy and Society
  • POL220 American Politics
  • POL250 Pol. in X-Nat'l. Perspective
  • POL351 Globalization
  • POL371 Environmental Law
  • POL400 Constitutional Law
  • POL470 Environmental Policy
  • POL471 Energy Policy
  • SOC330 Health, Wealth, Ineq. and the Env't.

Environmental Policy Minor Core II

Students must complete two of the following courses:*

  • BY160 General Biology II    
  • BY/EV312 Adirondack Ecology & Env. Science
  • BY/EV330 Great Lakes Water Pollution    
  • BY140 General Biology I    
  • BY222 General Ecology    
  • BY224 General Ecology Laboratory    
  • BY314 Bioinformatics    
  • BY320 Microbiology    
  • BY322 Microbiology Laboratory    
  • BY328 Conservation Biology    
  • BY340 Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology    
  • BY420 Evolution    
  • BY425 Bio Systems and Env. Change    
  • BY431 Limnology
  • CE301 ADK Geo. Information Systems
  • CE301 Eng. Measurements    
  • CE340 Intro. to Env. Engineering
  • CE474 Engineering Hydrology    
  • CE479 Water & Wastewater Treatment Processing    
  • CE480 Env. Quality
  • CE481 Hazardous Waste Mgmt.
  • CE482 Environmental Systems
  • CE486 Industrial Ecology
  • CE491 Senior Design Project
  • CH434 Air Pollution Controls
  • CM221 Spectroscopy    
  • CM223 Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • CM371 Physical Chemistry
  • CM476 Atmospheric Chemistry
  • ECE470 Hydraulic Engineering    
  • EHS309 Industrial Hygiene
  • EHS310 Intro to Industrial Hygiene Lab.
  • EHS405 Methods and Analysis
  • EHS416 Princ. of Toxicology and Epidemiology
  • ES432 Risk Analysis
  • EV/CE 435 Groundwater
  • EV314 Adirondack Integrated Res. Project
  • EV314 Adirondack Integrated Research Project
  • EV316 Adirondack Environmental Science

Environmental Policy Minor Core III

Students must complete the following three courses:

  • An independent research project (1 credit equivalent)
  • An ES&P multidisciplinary project course (1 credit equivalent)
  • EV100 Introduction to Environmental Science & Policy Professions
  • or EV305 Sustainability & the Environment
  • or Adirondack Semester courses


*No more than 6 credits of the engineering classes can be applied towards an environmental science minor.