Environmental Health Science Minor Core I

Students are required to complete courses in the following groups

Core Courses

Students must complete the following courses:

  • EHS309 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene 
  • EHS310 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Laboratory (1 credit)
  • EV313 Biogeochemical Systems Science 

Environmental Health Science

Students must complete at least two courses from the following:

  • EHS405 Methods & Analysis (4 credits)
  • EHS406 Industrial Hygiene Control Methods 
  • EHS416 Principles of Toxicology & Epidemiology 
  • EHS330 Safety Analysis 
  • EHS481 Advanced Topics in Environmental Health 
  • EHS432 Risk Analysis: TECH Serving Humanity & Comm. Pt. (1 credit)

Environmental Health Science Minor Core II

Students must complete at least one of the following courses:

  • CE340 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • CE480 Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment 
  • CE481 Hazardous Waste Management Engineering 
  • CE479 Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes 
  • CE477 Atmospheric Chemistry 
  • CE580 Environmental Chemistry 
  • CM371 Physical Chemistry I 
  • BY320 Microbiology 
  • BY350 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy 
  • BY360 Comparative Physiology 
  • BY425 Biological Systems and Environmental Change 
  • BY471 Human Anatomy and Physiology I/II (4 credits)