To obtain a minor, students must complete the following course requirements:

Required Courses
  • ES250 Electrical Science (corequisites: MA232, PH132)
  • EE264 Introduction to Digital Design (prerequisites: none)
  • EE331 Energy Conversion (prerequisite: ES250)
  • EE381 Electromagnetic Fields and Waves (prerequisites: MA231, PH132)


Elective Courses

(Choose two)

  • EE221 Linear Circuits (prerequisite: ES250)
  • EE321 Systems and Signal Processing (corequisite: EE221)
  • EE324 (ME324) Dynamical Systems (prerequisite: MA232)
  • EE333 Power System Engineering (prerequisite: EE221)
  • EE341 Microelectronic Circuits (prerequisite: ES250)
  • EE360 Microprocessors (prerequisite: EE264)