Corporate Innovation Minor Core I

Students are required to complete the following course areas:

Corporate Innovation

Students must complete the following courses:

  • SB236 Introduction to Customer-Focused Design
  • SB437 Commercializing Innovation
  • or MK436 Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development

Experiential Invention

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • ME445 Integrated Design I
  • or CE492 Civil Engineering Senior Design — Arch/Build
  • or CE493 Civil Engineering Senior Design — Transportation
  • or EM456 Capstone Design Project for E&M seniors
  • or SB356 Invention Development & Protection
  • or any other School of Engineering Senior Design Courses

Corporate Innovation Minor Core II

Students must complete one course from each of the following categories:

Problem-Solving in Organizations

  • OM/EM476 Management of Technology
  • OM/EM451 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise
  • OM/EM380 Project Management
  • MK332 Marketing Research
  • EC370 Economics of Innovation
  • PY/MK321 Consumer Behavior


  • OS466 Negotiation and Relationship Management
  • MK306 Professional Sales
  • PY253 Social Psychology