All students choosing to minor in corporate innovation must complete 15 credit hours (five courses), maintain a 2.0 average in minor courses and satisfy the requirements indicated below. 

Required Courses

  • SB236 Introduction to Customer-Focused Design

Elective Courses

Choose one of two:

  • SB437 Commercializing Innovation
  • MK436 Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development

Choose one course from each of the following three categories:

1. Problem-Solving in Organizations 
  • OM/EM476 Management of Technology
  • OM/EM451 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise
  • OM/EM380 Project Management
  • MK332 Marketing Research
  • EC370 Economics of Innovation
  • PY/MK321 Consumer Behavior
2. Persuasion
  • OS466 Negotiation and Relationship Management
  • MK306 Professional Sales
  • PY253 Social Psychology
3. Experiential Invention
  • Any of the School of Engineering Senior Design Courses, including but not limited to
  • ME445 Integrated Design I
  • CE492 Civil Engineering Senior Design — Arch/Build
  • CE493 Civil Engineering Senior Design — Transportation
  • EM456 Capstone Design Project for E&M seniors
  • SB356 Invention Development & Protection

A student may substitute up to one course within the three elective areas immediately above with a similar course encompassing innovation as its core focus. This course could focus on designing novel solutions to engineering, technical or social problems or the analysis, design and implementation of operational improvements at a company. This course can come from any department on campus and can be substituted subject to approval by the Reh School of Business dean's office or a faculty member appointed by the dean.