Computer Science Minor Core Requirements

Students are required to complete the following courses:*

  • CS141 Introduction to Computer Science I (4 credits)
  • CS142 Introduction to Computer Science II
  • MA211 Foundations
  • CS344 Algorithms and Data Structures
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Computer Science Minor Electives

Students must complete the following courses:**

  • Computer Science (CS) 200-level or above 3-credit course
  • Computer Science (CS) 300-level or above 3-credit course
  • Computer Science (CS) 400-level or above 3-credit course

Course Substitutions

*Some course substitutions are possible. A list of acceptable substitutions is maintained by the department and updated annually. Currently, the allowed substitutions are EE261 for CS141, EE363 for CS142, EE360 for CS241 and MA346 for MA21l.

**Certain courses cannot be used to satisfy the electives. A list of all exclusions is available from the department and updated annually. The current list includes all courses titled Directed Study, Computer Science Clinic, or Undergraduate Research.