Computer Science Curriculum

The minor in computer science is not open to students majoring in computer science or software engineering.

Students must satisfy University requirements regarding minors:

  • Only 0-credit-hour courses can be designated as pass/no entry.
  • At least one-fourth of the credit hours required must be completed at Clarkson, unless an exception is approved by the dean of the minor program.

To graduate with a minor in computer science, students must earn an average GPA of 2.0 in seven courses (21 credits total) that satisfy the following two sets of requirements: 

Computer Science Core Courses
  • CS141 Introduction to Computer Science I
  • CS142 Introduction to Computer Science II
  • MA211 Foundations
  • CS344 Algorithms and Data Structures


1.4 Million estimated computer specialist job openings in 2020 Infographic

Three additional CS courses, one numbered 200 or higher, one numbered 300 or higher and one numbered 400 or higher. Each course must be worth at least three credits.

Certain courses cannot be used to satisfy the second requirement. A list of all exclusions is available from the department and updated annually. The current list includes all courses titled Directed Study, Computer Science Clinic, or Undergraduate Research.

Some course substitutions are possible. A list of acceptable substitutions is maintained by the department and updated annually. Currently, the allowed substitutions are EE261 for CS141, EE363 for CS142, EE360 for CS241 and MA346 for MA21l.