Chemistry Minor First-Year Sequence

Students are required to take the following courses:

  • CM103 Structure and Bonding
  • CM104 Chemical Equilibrium and Dynamics
  • CM105 Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CM106 Chemistry Laboratory II
  • or CM131 General Chemistry I
  • and CM132 General Chemistry II

Chemistry Minor Core Electives

Students must take five of the following courses, including at least one of the labs:


  • CM221 Spectroscopy 
  • CM241 Organic Chemistry I 
  • CM242 Organic Chemistry II 
  • CM312 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 
  • CM320 Separations and Electrochemistry 
  • CM371 Physical Chemistry I 
  • CM372 Physical Chemistry II 
  • CM460 Biochemistry I 
  • CM461 Biochemistry II 


  • CM223 Spectroscopy Lab 
  • CM244 Organic Chemistry Lab 
  • CM300 Instrumental Lab
  • CM345 Advanced Lab (4 credits)
  • CM470 Biochemistry/Biotechnology Lab