A foundation knowledge of Biology II: Cell and Molecular Biology (BY160) is required for this minor.

Biology Fundamentals — Required (4 credits):

BY471 Anatomy and Physiology I
BY473 Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
BY472 Anatomy and Physiology II
BY474 Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory
BY360 Comparative Physiology
BY362 Comparative Physiology Laboratory

Engineering Fundamentals (3 credits):

BR200 Introduction to Biomedical and Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology

Intersecting BEST courses — Required (3 credits):

BR450 BEST Capstone Design I (3 credits) or equivalent engineering design course with a BEST approved project

Specialty Tracks — Choose one (2 course, 6 credits) track:

Track I: Genetic Engineering
BY214 Genetics

And choose one of
BY412 Molecular Biology Laboratory (4 credits)
BY/CM314 Bioinformatics

Track II: Neuroscience
BY/CM460 Neurobiology (BY160 or BY360 or consent)
BY485 Neural Engineering
PY458 Cognitive Neuroscience (PY151 or junior/senior standing)

Breadth Elective:

Choose one elective (3 credits) from approved list of upper-division biomedically related courses