Materials Enginering Curriculum

A Clarkson undergraduate student can qualify for a Certificate from the Dean of the Coulter School of Engineering verifying satisfactory completion of the coursework necessary to create a Professional Concentration in Materials Engineering. To attain this, the student must complete five (5) courses, which include two (2) required courses and three (3) electives from the list given.

Required Courses for Materials Engineering 

  • ES260 Materials Science and Engineering I
  • ES360 Materials Science and Engineering II

Electives for Materials Engineering 

Courses & Prerequisites (choose three):

  • CE411 Construction Materials Engineering.
    • Prerequisites: CE320 & CE441
  • CM430 Colloids and Interfaces
  • CM450 Introduction to Polymer Chemistry
  • EE439 Dielectrics
  • ES357 Microelectronic Circuit Fabrication
    • Prerequisites: ES260 or CM371
  • ES361 Fine Particle Technology
    • Prerequisites: CM104 or CM132
  • ES365 Polymer Materials 
    • Prerequisites: CM104 or CM132
  • ES452 Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Applications
    • Prerequisites: BY160 and CM241 or ES260
  • ES464 Corrosion Engineering
    • Prerequisites: CM132 (or CM104) and ES260
  • ME390 Manufacturing Processes
    • Prerequisites: ES260 and ES222 or equivalent
  • ME457 Composite Mechanics and Design
    • Prerequisites: ES222 and ES260
  • ME492 Welding Metallurgy
    • Prerequisite: ES260
  • PH341 Solid State Physics I
    • Prerequisites: PH231 or ES260 or by permission of instructor
  • PH442 Solid State Physics II
    • Prerequisites: PH341 or by permission of instructor
  • ME492 Welding Metallurgy
    • Prerequisite: ES260