Ergonomics Curriculum

Ergonomics requires 16 or more credits in the following specified areas. 

Completion of an approved concentration will be designated on the student’s transcript.

Required Courses for Ergonomics 

  • BR200 Introduction to Biomedical & Rehabilitation Engineering, Science and Technology (3 cr.)
  • EHS330 Safety Analysis: Environment, Health and Safety Assessment (3 cr.)
  • EV400/401 Capstone Project Related to Ergonomics (4 cr.)

Electives for Ergonomics 

Complete two courses from the list below:

  • BY350 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy (3 cr.)
  • BY360 Comparative Physiology (3 cr.)
  • BY471 Anatomy & Physiology I (3 cr.)
  • BY472 Anatomy & Physiology II (3 cr.)
  • ME380 Special Topic: Biomechanics (3 cr.)
  • PT460 Kinesiology II - Function Anatomy (3 cr.)

Other suitable ergonomics-related courses can be approved by the director of Institute for a Sustainable Environment or designee.