Six psychology courses, including PY151 and any 5 of the following upper-level PY courses: PY253 Social Psychology, PY255 Cognitive Psychology and any PY courses numbered 300 or above. Note that the directed research and internship can only count for one of the upper-level PY elective courses.

Required Courses

PY151 Introduction to Psychology (3 cr)
BY140 Biology I: Inheritance, Evolution and Diversity (3 cr)
BY142 Biology I Laboratory (2 cr)
BY160 Biology II: Cellular and Molecular Biology (3 cr)
BY162 Biology II Laboratory (2 cr)
CM131 General Chemistry I (4 cr)*
CM132 General Chemistry II (4 cr)*
PH141 Physics for Life Sciences I (4 cr)**
PH142 Physics for Life Sciences II (4 cr)**
PY458 Cognitive Neuroscience (3 cr)
BY/PY454 Physiological Psychology (3 cr)***
BY/PY460 Neurobiology (3 cr)

*CM103/105 and CM104/106 will also satisfy the chemistry requirement.
**PH131 and PH132 will also satisfy the physics requirement.
***Biology majors taking the cognitive neuroscience minor cannot use PY/BY454 as one of their biology elective courses.

Elective Courses

Elective Psychology Courses

Students must complete two courses (6 credits) chosen from the following:

PY317 Psychology of Psychoactive Drugs (3 cr)
BY/PY358 Animal Learning and Cognition (3 cr)
PY359 Perception (3 cr)
PY360 Learning and Memory (3 cr)
PY462 Abnormal Psychology (3 cr)
PY463 Health Psychology (3 cr)

Elective Biology Courses

Students must complete two courses (6 credits) chosen from the following:

BY360 Physiology (3 cr)
BY480 Advanced Cell Biology (3 cr)
BY214 Genetics (3 cr)
BY310 Developmental Biology (3 cr)
BY350 Comparative Anatomy (3 cr)
BY471 Anatomy and Physiology I (3 cr)
BY472 Anatomy and Physiology II (3 cr)