Message From the Chair

We are excited to share with you the summer edition of the Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering e-newsletter. Our students and faculty continue to amaze us as they pursue the interdisciplinary research and knowledge needed to solve real-world problems. In this edition, we have highlighted just a few of their stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

— Brian Helenbrook, Professor/Chair of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering/Paynter-Krigman Endowed Professor in Engineering Science Simulation

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covid-19 spread

Exploring COVID-19 Transmission

As the global community scrambles to better understand the new coronavirus, researchers from Clarkson University and the Trudeau Institute have responded to a call from the NSF for proposals to investigate the spread of COVID-19. Led by Clarkson Professor Byron Erath, they will explore how the virus is transmitted through air dispelled during speech.

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Cleaning Up in Competition 

Clarkson students usually clean up at the New York Business Plan Competition, and this year was no exception. KLAW Industries, owned by Jack Lamuraglia ’21, Tanner Wallis ’21 and Binghamton University’s Jacob Kumpon, took second in the Energy & Environment category. Garden Guardian, owned by Zach Pilarchik ’22, was the concept stage winner in the AgTech & Food category.

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Bohl’s a Jolly Good Fellow    

“Fellowship is a recognition of long-term professional achievement,” says Professor Douglas Bohl, who was recently recognized as a Fellow by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for his career of research, education and leadership in experimental fluid mechanics.

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SPEED Team Races to Top

A total overhaul of their snowmobile design and months of work paid off for the students on Clarkson’s SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge SPEED team. Not only did the team place first in the Diesel Utility Class — they achieved the lowest emissions score of any diesel snowmobile in the competition’s history.

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Clean Snowmobile