Diverse Courses, High Alumni Salaries Cited

Clarkson University has been named one of the top 10 "Hidden Gems" colleges with the highest-paid alumni by the College Gazette.

The company looked at small and medium-sized schools that produce highly-salaried alumni. Their data came from Payscale.com. Their most recent survey showed that the average salary for Clarkson graduates was 15 percent above the national average. Class of 2018 undergraduates entered the workforce with an average salary of $60,901. Graduate-level alumni averaged a salary of $76,263.

College Gazette ranked the schools by mid-career pay (meaning 10 of more years of experience). Clarkson alumni enjoy median career pay of $130,100, according to data. The company says, "Clarkson is one of the best options for the student seeking a diverse education at a medium-sized university. Unlike other schools on this list, its curriculum represents a broad array of interests satisfactory to nearly any undergraduate student. The most prominent specialties at Clarkson are sustainable environmental sciences, business, engineering, and general liberal arts. In total, over 95 programs of study are offered at Clarkson. 43,000 living alumni enjoy some of the highest salaries of all schools in the US."

To view the entire list, click here: https://collegegazette.com/the-top-10-hidden-gem-colleges-graduating-the-highest-paid-alumni/


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