Clarkson Common Experience

The following courses are required for all students, irrespective of their program of study. These courses are offered during the fall semester, with FY100 First-Year Seminar being required of only first-year students. Both FY100 and UNIV190 are typically taken during the fall semester of the first year at Clarkson.


First-Year Seminar



The Clarkson Seminar    


Core Requirements for Social Documentation

Core Requirements for Social Documentation
Students majoring in social documentation are required to complete the following courses:


History of Social Documentation   



Major Research Seminar



Major Research Project


Core Electives

Core Electives
The following are electives students are required to complete for the social documentation major.

Research Methods Elective
Students must complete one 3-credit research methods course from the following:

HIST360 Voices of the Past 3
SS380 Research Methods 3

Film Elective
Students must complete one 3-credit film course from the following:

FILM226 Short Film Screenwriting 3
FILM230 Cinemas of Resistance 3
FILM235 Crossing Borders 3
FILM240 Films From Fiction 3
FILM250 Dystopian Visions in International Cinema    3
FILM322 The Hollywood Cinema 3
FILM326 Feature Film Screenwriting 3
FILM340 World in a Frame 3
FILM344 The History and Art of Animation 3


Video Production and Digital Design Electives
Students must complete two 3-credit video production and digital design courses from the following:

COMM100 2D Digital Design 3
COMM320 Digital Photography 3
COMM322 Typography and Design 3
COMM327 Digital Video Production I 3
COMM341 Introduction to Web Design    3
COMM360 Audio Production 3
COMM427 Digital Video Production II 3
DA110 Drawing 3
DA120 Elements of Design 3


Knowledge Area/University Course Electives
Students majoring in social documentation will have approximately 26 credit hours available to use toward Knowledge Area and/or University Course electives.