Clarkson Common Experience

The following courses are required for all students, irrespective of their program of study. These courses are offered during the fall semester, with FY100 First-Year Seminar being required of only first-year students. Both FY100 and UNIV190 are typically taken during the fall semester of the first year at Clarkson.
FY100 First-Year Seminar
UNIV190 The Clarkson Seminar

School of Business Common First- and Second-Year Curricula

During the first and second year, all students majoring in GSCM take courses that are part of a core business curriculum and courses that fulfill the Clarkson Common Experience requirements. This typically includes the following:
AC202 Financial Accounting
AC203 Managerial Accounting
EC150 Principles of Microeconomics
EC151 Principles of Macroeconomics
EC311 Introduction to Econometrics
IS211 Introduction to Enterprise Information Systems
LW270 Law & Society I
MA180 Introductory College Mathematics
MA181 Basic Calculus
MK320 Principles of Marketing
OM331 Operations & Supply Chain Management
OS286 Organizational Behavior
SB113 Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation I
STAT282 Statistics
                Two science courses (one with laboratory)
                 Three elective courses

 Required Courses

EC451 Industrial Supply Chain Economics
SB361 Supply Chain Environmental Management
IS428 Information Systems for Supply Chain Management
SB441 Advanced Topics in Global Supply Chain Management
SB381 Logistics Management
OS466 Negotiations & Relationship Management
OM341 Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Design
OM451 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise

 Professional Electives (choose one)

IS314 Database Design & Management
OM476 Management of Technology
LW471 Law & Society II
AC305 Cost Accounting
MK332 Marketing Research
MK431 Supply Chain Distribution Channels
MK437 Retail Marketing & New Product Development