An exciting spring semester is well underway here in the North Country. In this issue of our newsletter, we celebrate the professional and academic accomplishments of our faculty and students in the Lewis School. Our professors have been recognized by state and national institutions for their daily efforts to improve healthcare education and the lives of those in our community. And our physical therapy Class of 2021 passed with flying colors, despite all that 2021 threw their way. Please enjoy their stories, and have a healthy and productive semester. 

— Lennart Johns, Founding Dean of Health Sciences

Head shot of a smiling man
Advanced EMT and mechanical engineer Doug Bohl built an ultraviolet-C exposure box to disinfect reusable N95 respirators used by Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad first responders.

EMS Innovation

Throughout the pandemic, Golden Knights have worked tirelessly on the front lines. Now, two Knights have received regional acclaim for their efforts. Professors Doug Bohl and Christopher Towler developed two decontamination systems for the local rescue squad they volunteer with. The squad recently received a NYS EMS Innovation award, in part for the profs’ systems.

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Acing the Exam

The physician assistant Class of 2021 was unfazed by the upheavals they experienced during their education last year. They were the first class at the University to transition to virtual learning, after only one clinical rotation. Despite this, the entire class passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination, all on the first try.

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Pance Exam
Vicki Lafay

Playing a National Role

Recently appointed to the Reference Committee for the American Council of Academic Physical Therapy, Chair of Physical Therapy Vicki LaFay took her appointment in stride, saying that serving in a national role “ ... is part of professional service and responsibility to the profession.” With her dedication to service and PT education, there’s no one better for the position.

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Nuremberg Trials, 75 Years Later

The 20th anniversary celebration of our bioethics program continues with more thought-provoking lectures in the series, Pioneering Bioethics: An Anniversary Celebration. Check out a recording of the fourth lecture, “A Conversation on Nazi Medical Ethics Between Art Caplan and Bob Baker on the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial.” 

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Bioethics 20th Anniversary