Online Courses

All Classes will Start in Summer

First Things First: Intro to Study Success (1x1.5 hour session)
Kate Mikel, Associate Director Student Success Center & Tutor Coordinator. 
Email: Phone: 315/268-2209

Ignite: Intro to Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Clarkson (6x1 hour sessions)
Erin Draper, Managing Director, Clarkson Ignite
Email:; Phone: 315-268-3995

Mechanics Matters (in Sentences Too)!: Writing Mechanics Readiness (5x1 hour sessions)
Catherine Sajna, Director of the Writing Center & ESL Program / Instructor, Center for Excellence in Communication
Email:; Phone: 315-268-4135

Introduction Engineering Sketching and Design: Spatial Thinking Readiness (5x1 hour sessions)
Melissa Richards, Instructor, Institute for STEM Education

Make it Stick - Research Based Strategies to Improve Your Learning: Study Skills Readiness (1x90 minute session)
Thomas Shiland, Adjunct Instructor, Institute for STEM Education
Email:; Phone: 518-631-9910

Introduction to STEM: Biology (6x2 hour modules)
Stefanie Kring, Assistant Professor / Laboratory Coordinator, Biology
Email:; Phone: 315-268-3961

Introduction to STEM: Physics (6x2 hour modules)
Michael Ramsdell, Associate Professor of Physics & the Institute for STEM Education / Director of First Year Physics
Email:; Phone: 315-268-2347

Critical Thinking and The Good Life: Readiness in Written and Oral Communication  (9x1 hour sessions)
Christopher Robinson, Associate Provost for Faculty Achievement, Provost’s Office
Email:; Phone: 315-268-3986

Online Math Refresher for STEM majors  (3 hours per week, 7 weeks)
Brad Smith, Research Technician, Mathematics
Email:; Phone: 315-268-4364

Values: Grounding Your Student Experience (1x1.5 hour sessions, offered twice)
Kristen Avery, Director of Student Life
Email:; Phone: 315-268-2345
Megan Munley, Associate Director of Student Life
Email:; Phone: 315-268-3959

English Language Corner (1x5 hours, twice a week for 7 weeks)
Maya Dufresne, Student Retention Specialist
Email:; Phone: 315-268-4127

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*Students can also enroll in Clarkson’s program to earn Badges and Micro-credentials HERE (website only available to users with a email address)

Residential Boot Camp 

Springboard to Calculus (Residential, 10 days before semester starts)*
Joseph Skufca, Professor / Chair of Mathematics
Email:; Phone: 315-268-2399

*Springboard offers access to a special meal plan. The Student Success Center has scholarships available to assist income-eligible students to offset this cost.