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Motivate! Motivational Messages from Accomplished Women Engineers
Accomplished women engineers inspire young women and give them advice about their future careers and lives. (3:39 minutes)

Produced by Dr. Laura Ettinger, a history professor at Clarkson University, and directed by Zac Miller, founder of Uncommon Image Studios.

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Prior to Viewing Discussion Questions

Q: Has anyone ever given you advice? Did you listen to it? Why?

Q: Who would you go to for career advice? Why would you select that person?

Download the Inspire! Discussion Guide PDF

Post Viewing Discussion Questions

Q: Which message or piece of advice was the most meaningful to you? Why?

Q: Career choices are hard to make. What should you consider as you think about career possibilities?

Q: Why is having your voice heard important?

Q: Why is asking questions important?

Download the Inspire! Discussion Guide PDF

Self-Reflection and Moving Forward

Q: What advice would you give yourself if you are interested in engineering as a career?

Q: What can you do if you find out that the career path or college major you are thinking about seems hard, boring, disappointing or not what you thought? Why?

Q: Even though it can be hard to talk about your strengths or feel like you’re bragging about yourself, it’s important to own your strengths so that you can make good choices that really reflect who you are and what you care about. What are your strengths? What is one strength you have that might make you a successful engineer? 

Download the Inspire! Discussion Guide PDF

About the INSPIRE! Educational Video Collection

Inspire! is a collection of three educational videos with an accompanying discussion guide that will empower middle school and early high school girls with the tools to overcome obstacles facing girls and women in STEM fields, such as a lack of confidence and discouragement from others. One of the videos, Educate! What is an Engineer? Perspectives of Trailblazing Women Engineers, would be appropriate for use with young people regardless of their gender identification.

Each video features inspiring, real stories told by accomplished women engineers that contextualize and examine hurdles that girls and young women may face in the engineering field and offer strategies to overcome those hurdles. As we hear these stories, we see trailblazing women engineers serving as mentors and role models for the next generation of girls, who embrace the excitement of an engineering education within the context of a STEAM summer camp at Clarkson University, a nationally recognized technological university with locations in Potsdam, Schenectady and Beacon, New York.

The videos can be used together or individually.

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Additional Video: Educate! 

Educate! What is an Engineer? Perspectives of Trailblazing Women Engineers

Trailblazing women engineers explain what engineering is and debunk myths about the field. (3:55 minutes)

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Additional Video: Encourage!

Encourage! Leading Women Engineers Encourage the Next Generation

Leading women engineers encourage girls to do what they love, defy stereotypes, push through setbacks, and pursue engineering. (4:40 minutes)

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