Who Benefits from Journey Into Clarkson?

Potential students and their families who may be:

  • the first generation to attend college
    You have accomplished a lot already to get here and it would be useful for you and your loved ones to have someone who can help explain in more detail all that college has to offer and how to best prepare yourselves for the application process and college success.
  • from underrepresented, underserved communities
    You're part of the growing numbers of Women, Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, LGBTQ+ individuals, entering science, engineering, math, health and tech fields to meet society's needs.
  • have economic need
    You have dreams and drive and just need to understand how you can afford college and all it has to offer you.

What can you expect from a Journey Into Clarkson event?

  • Personal attention
  • Special topics relevant to you and your needs
  • Language assistance
  • Meet and greets with many key Clarkson staff, current students and faculty
  • To get a feel for the courses and academic programs offered at Clarkson
  • To familiarize yourself with the campus and local area
  • To learn about social life and ways to get involved and use your Clarkson knowledge in your own community

Talk to Our Staff and Students

Looking to talk to a current Clarkson student? Visit our Student Chat page to get the conversation started.

Find a Student to Chat

For questions or to talk with a staff member, please email us at diversity@clarkson.edu