While Abroad
  • Keeping in Touch 
    While abroad you are expected to check your Clarkson University email on a regular basis. 
  • Ambassador Role – Being a Good Representative
    Regardless of how you personally identify yourself, it is important to understand that while you are abroad you are an ambassador representing both the United States and Clarkson University. 

    Individuals from the host country may use you as an example of U.S. culture in general and Clarkson students in particular.  They may make judgments about U.S. social and professional etiquette. It is important to be respectful and act accordingly at all times. Your actions, both positive and negative, are likely to have long-term repercussions for Clarkson University and future participants.
  • Be a good student  
    After all, first and foremost, the purpose of your time abroad is to study. Attend all classes, do your homework, and show respect to your professors.  Show a genuine interest in the host country.  Learn as much as you can about the country prior to departure, and continue to ask questions once you arrive.
  • Stay Positive
    Avoid expressing negative opinions or generalizations about the host country. Such statements usually serve only to reveal the ignorance of the speaker. If you are studying in a non-English speaking country, try to learn as much of the language as possible. If you are studying in an English-speaking country, be sensitive to differences in dialect. Remember that you are the guest in someone's home, school, and country. Be respectful and courteous!
  • Stay Informed
    Be well informed about the current events happening in the U.S., in New York, and even in your hometown. As you meet new acquaintances and make friends, you will be asked about a variety of issues related to U.S. culture, politics, history, geography, and social environments. Educating yourself about U.S policies and cultural news will enable you to speak eloquently about complex and sometimes controversial topics. This dialogue and exchange will inevitably enhance and enrich your experience and deepen your friendships. 
  • Promote Clarkson 
    As a current student at Clarkson University you are one of our most important representatives abroad.  During your time abroad, you may be asked to give a presentation about Clarkson University or even to represent the University at a Study Abroad fair at the partner university. 

    You have an important role in inspiring prospective exchange students to come to Clarkson. Exchange students contribute to the international profile of Clarkson University, which is an important part of making the University one of the best in the world. Remember that the more incoming exchange students we receive, the more students at Clarkson get a chance to go abroad for an exchange. These are several good reasons to market Clarkson University while you are abroad!
Post Experience
  • Post-Trip Evaluation
    Upon completion of your experience abroad, you will be emailed to complete the Post-Experience Survey in CU Global.  This is the final step of your Post-Acceptance Information. 
  • Buddy Program
    During your exchange or shortly after it ends, the International Center will email you regarding participation in the Buddy Program.  Each semester we match the former outgoing Clarkson students with a new incoming student participating in study abroad for a semester here at Clarkson University. 
  • Study Abroad Fair
    Representing the program/university/country you studied abroad, sharing the amazing experience you had. Many of you may remember what students said to you at the Study Abroad Fair a couple of years ago to influence your choice of programs/university/country!
  • Information Sessions
    Short presentations to help promote the program/university where you studied abroad. You are our best resources! The details and highlights of your experiences really do inspire other students to want to go abroad themselves.
  • Pre-Departure Meetings
    You may remember your own pre-departure meeting.  All the questions you had or the things you thought you knew but didn’t.  This is a way to connect you with the students who are heading abroad next semester. Providing that last minute advice to outgoing students before their study abroad adventure!  We try to match you up with someone headed where you studied abroad – school / country.  This is a great way to share your experiences with someone who will truly benefit from what you tell them.
  • Global Ambassador
    Many students planning to study abroad want to speak with students like yourself who have actually had the experience of going through the process and have lived and studied in a different country. Global Ambassadors respond to emails and provide information and recommendations where sought.
  • Open Houses
    Helping the International Center with Clarkson University Open Houses for prospective students. Talking with students and parents and sharing your experiences about the program.