Michelle Crimi

Removing Pollutants

Professor Michelle Crimi ’95 won an award from the DoD for her work in treating polluted groundwater — an effort to tackle the problem of chemical pollutants that is just one of many at Clarkson. The Center for Air and Aquatic Resources Engineering & Sciences Lab received DoD accreditation for PFAS analysis, and, more recently, researchers detailed a new methodology for removing PFASs from contaminated water in Chemistry of Materials.

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KLAW to the Top

KLAW Industries is at it again. No stranger to winning, the student-owned business swept two national competitions in two days, then later won in the New York Business Plan Competition. The KLAW product that wowed the judges: Pantheon, a material used in concrete manufacturing that is made from recycled glass.

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KLAW Industries
sustainable U

NYPA Turns to ISE

When the New York Power Authority wanted to educate its employees about being climate smart, who better to help them than Clarkson’s ISE? In collaboration with other institutions, the ISE has drawn upon its expertise in climate change science to develop curriculum materials for the program, SustainAbleU — Let’s Get Climate Smart. 

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Ahead of the Curve

Throughout the past year, Golden Knights have been on the frontlines of pandemic response and prevention. Even as the global community scrambled to understand the virus’ spread and our best defenses against it, Clarkson researchers were already sounding the alarm about aerosol transmission. Their two articles in The Conversation explain more.

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