There’s no Ferris wheel or cotton candy, but the Career Fair at Clarkson creates its own kind of excitement when it comes to campus.

Twice a year, the Clarkson Career Center holds the event that brings together students and potential employers, including many alumni who come and share the experience of their own successes. The first fair of 2018 in February drew hundreds of students who were able to get up close and personal with representatives from nearly 100 companies. They talked about jobs or internships in fields ranging from data analytics and health care to computer gaming and global supply chain management. 

Clarkson Career Fair 2 2018

Internships and co-ops provide students with an all-important real work record before they graduate. Clarkson students can aim for more than 450 potential internships or co-ops in some of the most popular career fields. Often, after interning with a company, students find long-term employment there after graduation.

University videographer Michael DaGrossa and photographer Steve Jacobs captured scenes from the February fair.

 Click on the slideshow below for more. 

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