The Human Resource Management (HRM) minor is available for students in all majors who want to prepare themselves for managerial, human resources, or consulting careers. The HRM minor provides an in-depth foundation for managing people in organizations, drawing upon relevant theories of organizational behavior, research evidence on HRM practices and systems, and recent HRM innovations. You will develop capabilities in key HR areas such as selection, training and development, performance measurement, compensation, and HR metrics, among others. The HRM minor emphasizes the strategic aspects of HRM, with a focus on enhancing organizational outcomes for multiple stakeholder groups, including shareholders and employees. All students choosing to minor in Human Resource Management must complete the following courses totaling 15 credits:

  • OS286 /PY286/EM286 Organizational Behavior
  • OS352 Strategic Human Resource Management
  • OS452 Advanced Human Resource Management

And two of the following courses:

  • EC475 Personnel Economics
  • EHS330 Safety Analysis - Environmental, Health, and Safety Assessment LW 466 Law of the Workplace
  • OS466 Negotiations and Relationship Management