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Student Governance

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Serving in the Honors Program student government gives students the opportunity to lead activities and initiatives and to influence the future direction of the Honors Program. It also provides an essential vehicle to address grievances and concerns regarding the program and its activities.  The student goverment activity can be found on their website  

Honors Program Committees
The student government of the Honors Program consists of five committees:

Honors Council
The students of the Honors program will elect five honors students to participate as voting members of the Honors Council, a 15-member organization of Clarkson faculty, staff and students who oversee Honors Program admissions, curriculum and research.

Honors Council Student Representatives

  • Class of 2015: Khrystyna Dilai
  • Class of 2016: Sarah Miele
  • Class of 2017: Dana Chapman
  • Class of 2018: Jonathan Brassard
  • At-Large Member: Brian Nardone