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Current Courses

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Each year, Clarkson professors propose exciting new course topics for the Honors Program curriculum. Below are the current courses for the 2015-16 academic year. Click on each course title to download the syllabus.

First-Year Courses


  • HP100: The Social and Ethical Implications of Research with Professor Gary Kelly
  • HP102:  MATLAB: Honors Matlab Module with TAs James Elmer, Samer Akiki and Spencer Griswold
  • FY100: Honors First Year Seminar with Professor Jon Goss and Jenny Townsend
  • HP101/103: Investigating Social Problems with Professor Gary Kelly
  • HP101 LAB: MatLab with TAs James Elmer

Sophomore-Year Courses


The challenge of the Sophomore Problem in 2014-2015 is to explore the potential of emerging technologies to improve the production and distribution operations of agri-businesses and increase the value of agricultural products exported from the North Country. 

  • HP200: Honors Sophomore Course with Professors Marshall Issen, Stephen Bird, Marilyn Freeman, Thomas Ortmeyer, Shance Rogers, Gasper Sekelj and Brenda Kozsan
  • HP201: Honors Sophomore Course with Professors Marshall Issen, Marc Compeau, Erin Draper, Matt Draper, Shance Rogers, Gasper Sekelj, Rick Welsh and Brenda Kozsan

Junior-Year Courses


  • HP300: Honors Junior Science Seminar with Professor Amy Sroka
  • HP390: Honors Undergraduate Thesis with Professor Jon Goss

Senior-Year Courses


  • HP490: Honors Undergraduate Thesis with Professor Jon Goss


  • HP400:  Honors Senior Course on Modernity with Professor Karen Buckle 

Honors Course Group

Honors introduced me to situations and questions completely out of my field - chaos theory, particle science, Internet politics, and policy-making to name a few.

- Michelle Gauger '01, Ph.D. student in Biochemistry at the University of North Carolina


Honors gave me the opportunity to think, discuss and be creative in an environment where these things were not only welcome, but expected

- Scott Levasseur '01, Engineer, ExxonMobil