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The fall 2021 semester is in full swing, and our Honors students are busy (as usual)! We've been very proud to see the Honors students take charge of the Clarkson campus food pantry. While the pantry was originally conceived last year as a sophomore project, Honors has taken on the task of running the pantry for the entire campus. Our Honors Service Steering Board members have been gathering volunteers, opening and closing the pantry daily, soliciting donations, stocking shelves and advertising. You can check out their video and more on our Honors Instagram, where you'll see student spotlights and Honors events throughout the year. An amazing news team of four students is writing posts and highlighting students, social events and the many opportunities we have for Honors students on campus. We hope that you and yours enjoy the beautiful fall weather as long as it lasts!

— Kate Krueger, Director, University Honors Program / Professor of Literature

Kate Krueger
Autumn Lennon

STEM Scholarship Awarded

Honors Program ambassador, president of Clarkson’s student ASCE chapter, student government member — Autumn Lennon ’22 is going places. And to help her on her way, the Atkins Foundation recently recognized Lennon’s outstanding academic and leadership achievements with a STEM scholarship. Congratulations, Autumn!

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Going National

Our Honors students don’t wait until graduation to join the big leagues of academia. Maximillian Card ’23 is headed to the Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) and Exhibition this month, where he will present his research. He is one of just four recipients of the EAS Undergraduate Student Research Award, which will fund his travel.

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Young man in blue shirt and glasses smiling in front of campus building
Hands holding a disposable and a reusable maxi pad

Breaking the Taboo

As menstruation becomes increasingly less taboo to talk about, sustainability advocates can reach a larger audience when discussing which feminine hygiene products are most environmentally friendly. Honors alum Amy Hait ’17 even made it into The Conversation for her life cycle assessment of maxi pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

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Making Our Mark

You don’t have to be the biggest to pack the strongest punch. At least, that’s what recent rankings confirm. Clarkson has been listed in the top 10% of all schools in the nation (College Factual), ranked as a tier one university (U.S. News & World Report) and placed on the U.S. News Best Value Schools list alongside Princeton, Yale and Harvard.

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