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Share a Ride

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Share a Ride - Make a Friend - Save Fuel and Expenses

Carpooling and Car Sharing are the most effective ways to significantly save expenses and reduce gasoline consumption. It is like changing a car from 25 miles per gallon to 50 or 75 miles per gall (per person)!

  • Less stress commuting to and from work or school
  • Financial savings when costs are shared
  • Reduces need for parking
  • Increases free time for riders
  • Reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduces traffic congestion
  • Reduces energy consumption

Check out our on-line carpool matching system and student ride sharing system to start reducing your fuel consumption and costs. 

Did you know...

A $4/gallon on gasoline - 

  • The cost of your commute from Massena to Clarkson

$1,500/y !!

(Assumption: 48 work weeks, 5 trips per week, 40 miles per day, fuel economy - 25 MPG)

  • The cost of your weekend trips home to Syracuse each semester:

$240 !!

(Assumption: 5 trips home per semester, 300 miles round trip, fuel economy = 25 MPG)

And that is only the fuel cost! When you factor in insurance and wear and tear on your vehicle, the cost increases 3.5 times these values ($0.56/mile)