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January 2012

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Sustainable Offices

Aramark's Choose to Reuse

ECO Celebrates Green Living Tips

Renovated Woodstock Apartments are Energy Efficient

Student Sustainability Project Ideas Funded

Purchasing Tips

Sustainability through Personal Wellness




Choose to Reuse

Newsletter to report about Campus Sustainability


Sustainable Offices
The campus Sustainable Office Certification program is going strong with new offices joining almost every month! We currently have 26 offices and over 200 people participating in the Sustainable Office Certification program. 

If your office is certified, it would be a great time to review your commitments and rethink any processes or practices that could be improved.  Do you have new people in your area? Now that they are settled, it would be a good time to review sustainability commitments and add new employees to your list of participants.

Academic Challenge – Kudos to the School of Business– ALL of their faculty members are participants in their Green Knight certification!  For the other departments and schools – How many of your faculty can you add to your list of participants?  Please recruit new participants and send us an updated list of participants.

If your office is not certified yet, please let us know how the Institute for a Sustainable Environment can help you with this process. 

Aramark's Choose to Reuse Initiative
Under the direction of John Herman, Interim Food Service Director, and new Marketing Programs Manager Courtney Evans, our dining services have embarked on several initiatives to improve the sustainability of their operations. One of which is the Choose to Reuse campaign highlighting their efforts to encourage selecting reusable plates, cups and silverware over to-go containers and utensils that are thrown away. You can make a significant impact by choosing reusable dining ware at ARAMARK eateries, and when the items are returned for washing the program reaps the most benefits. You can also enjoy beverage savings across campus when you bring your own mug!!

Purchasing Tips
Looking for “green” office and break room supplies?  The best sustainability practices would reduce your need for these materials in the first place.

But purchasing new items will always be needed. St. Lawrence Supply carries a number of “green” office products and they are willing to order more if there is a demand. See for ideas. St. Lawrence Supply will order any items from this site at a discount to you. 

Our central purchasing also carries paper with recycled content (75% recycled/30% post-consumer).  Testing this paper last year proved that it works in almost all campus copiers.

Its availability is making a difference!  In FY11, nearly $29k was spent purchasing paper through Clarkson’s business services department. Sixteen percent of these purchases were paper with recycled content.  Thus far this year, 59% of the paper purchased had recycled content.


ECO Celebrates a Month of Green Living Tips
The Clarkson Green Challenge was organized and implemented by ECO, the Environmental Conservation Organization, throughout the month of November.  They posted green living challenges for students each week related to water conservation, energy conservation, trash and food.  Highlights of the month included a showing of the movies Tapped and Gasland, which provided critical reviews of the bottled water industry and shale gas recovery by hydrofracking.  Although the month is over – these green living tips can be adopted at any time!


Renovated Woodstock Apartments are Energy Efficient and Enjoyable by Residents
Construction at Woodstock building #6 last summer is making a difference in student comfort as the temperatures drop.  No more drafty walls and windows!  Upgrades include energy efficient lights and appliances, low flow toilets, sink, and showers, 3'' thick spray foamed in wall cavities with 2'' of rigid foam insulation on the exterior to provide a thermal break and dual pane, thermal insulated windows. Dean of Students Kurt Stimeling is thrilled with the changes, he stated “The renovation of Woodstock Building 6 provides housing that sets a new benchmark for the standards of quality on campus.” Renovation of the buildings 3, 5, 7 and 9 are expected during the summer of 2012Student

Sustainability Project Ideas Funded
In support of Clarkson’s efforts to integrate sustainability into “everything we do on campus,” revenue made available by charitable gifts from alumni and friends to the Clarkson Fund has been used to support campus sustainability projects.  The $25,000/year fund is enabling members of our community to engage in the process of making our campus more environmentally, socially and fiscally sustainable.  Additional funds from the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute were received for several projects.

Look for the implementation of these projects throughout the Spring 2012 semester:

Energy Efficiency:
Motion Detected, Jason Cocca (sophomore, Mech. Engrg.);
Dormitory Motion Sensor Lighting* Jeannie Piekarz (MS EE.);
Refrigerator Replacement Feasibility Study* Erin Corrigan (sophomore, ES&P);
Wind Speed Analysis, Dan Barron (junior, Civil Engrg.)

Campus Culture and Access to Sustainable Goods:
Knight Bikes (bike sharing program), Alexander Cauwels (senior, Innov. & Entrep.);
Golden Grown (on-campus local food sales), Kristen Cardella (freshman, Busi.)

Solid Waste Reduction:
Increasing Recycling Rates, Emily Ball (MS ESE.);
Food Waste Management for the Digester, Ashley Waldron (senior, CivE.);
Feasibility Study for the Anaerobic Digestion of Clarkson Food Waste*, Stefan Grimberg (chair, Dept. CEE);
Installation of water bottle refilling stations*, Heather Masterson (junior, Env. Engrg.)

Sustainability Through Personal Wellness!
Sustainability kudos to Kelly Norman for her hints about exercise and eating in the special events mail list. Taking these hints to heart will help us all sustain our personal wellness throughout the winter.

Mark your calendars for February 22 when Clarkson’s Human Resources Department will host our second annual Wellness Fair.

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