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October 2013

In this Issue:

Clarkson Celebrates Sustainability Initiatives throughout October

Returnable – Re-useable To-Go Boxes and Ozzi Machines are here!

Dyson Air Blade Driers in Cheel to Replace Paper Towels

Sustainability Immersion Education Opportunities

New Local Foods Highlighted in Media

Sustainability Fund proposals due October 16

In the News:

Research Team Receives Grant for Wetlands Restoration Study

Prof. Tom Holsen Certified by AAEES



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Newsletter to report about Campus Sustainability

Clarkson Celebrates Sustainability Initiatives throughout October

Clarkson is joining universities across the nation to highlight sustainability as part of the October 23 Campus Sustainability Day and October 24 National Food Day, although we have enough activities to fill a week of events.  Events are highlighted below with more details at

Oct. 17  - National Bioenergy Day – presentations and tours of wood pellet boilers and the anaerobic digester

Oct. 18-19 - Let’s make Cheel Sustainable! Focus at the Hockey games

Oct. 22 - Arnie Gunderson to speak on Nuclear whistleblowers and Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster (6 pm, SC MPRs) (sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Engagement, the Dean of Students and the Inst. for a Sustainable Environment)

Oct. 23 -

  • Trash on the Lawn awareness campaign
  • Institute for a Sustainable Environment and Adirondack semester open house (2-4 pm, TAC 122)
  • Cheel Campus Center (~10:30am -1pm)– Samples from local food vendors  -Kilcoyne beef sliders and jerky, local apples, vegetables, and more

 Oct. 24 - National Food Day

  • Local Foods dinner at Ross Brooks
  • Print Free day across campus – No – this does not mean no cost to print -We can collectively go a whole day without using printers!

Returnable – Reusable To-Go Boxes and Ozzi Machines are here!

Re-useable to-go boxes are now available so you don’t have to take and throw away a paper box.  AND – you don’t even need to clean and store your reusable box!  Simply return the box to the new Ozzi vending machines (TAC, ERC or Cheel) or to the Servery dish room or Ross-Brooks cashier to receive a token to use the next time you want a re-useable to-go box. The most important aspect to making this project succeed will be keeping the boxes in circulation. Please return the boxes promptly!

By the Numbers… Did you know that in the academic year 2011-2012,

  • we used over 171,000 to-go boxes?
  • we spent over $25,000 to purchase these?
  • disposal of these boxes created 6.6 tons of solid waste?

Sustainability Educational Immersion Experiences for Spring Semester

Students - check out these opportunities to really immerse yourself in sustainability issues and solutions during the Spring 2014 semester.

The Adirondack Semester includes a full 15 credits of classes in the ultimate in place-based education. Live a semester as a resident explorer, entrepreneur, environmental scientist, poet and policy advocate of the Adirondack Park, one of the largest protected landscapes in North America. Become absorbed and committed, and think bigger and work harder than you ever have to create intelligent solutions in a six-million acre laboratory for wildlife, small town communities, and recreation enthusiasts alike. Read more…

Or travel to Colorado for two-weeks in May and earn 3 credits as you help to create a natural resource management plan for the eco-tourism resort – Devil’s Thumb Ranch, which is situated in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.  Read more…

Don't miss the opportunity of a lifetime! Come join Clarkson students and alumni for a service learning experience in the Dominican Republic May 11-18, 2014.  We will be working with local community members on their sustainable development initiatives.  One credit offered for service learning is pending. For more information about the trip,click here 

Dyson Air Blade Driers in Cheel to Replace Paper Towels

Our bathroom trash cans are universally full with used paper towels.  What a waste for 5 seconds of use!  Dayton Palen (BS ES&P ‘ 14) and Leland Krumenacker (BS EE ’13) used a 2013 Sustainability Fund Grant to prove that there are more sanitary and less wasteful ways to dry our hands (and no – it does not include foregoing hand washing).  Dyson air blade hand driers have been installed in the main bathrooms in Cheel.  These driers use the force of air rather than heated air so they consume a lot less energy than typical hot air driers and they consume less energy than making, shipping and disposing of paper towels.  Check them out the next time you are in Cheel.  They can make a difference:

Did you know…

  • the average user consumes 2.33 paper towels per hand wash?
  • our campus buys 1,070 cases of paper towels each year?
  • these create 15.5 tons of solid waste? (not even counting the weight of water in used towels)
  • that use of the Dyson Air Blade will cut greenhouse gas emissions 75% relative to paper towels?

Using the Dyson Air Blades will help.  But so can your reduced use of paper towels each time you wash your hands in any of our bathrooms. Check out this TED talk that provides an entertaining way to use paper towels much more efficiently.

New Local Foods Initiative Highlighted

Numerous media outlets highlighted the new options at the Main Street Grill in the Cheel Campus Center, which is now offering students specialties prepared with 100-percent-local produce, meat and dairy products -- all procured from a radius of 200 miles or less from campus.  Read and hear more about this initiative from our Campus Dining Services…


****** Reminder*********

Sustainability Fund proposals due October 16.  See for details or contact Susan Powers with questions ( )