Starting in January 2023, Clarkson University will offer a Master of Science (MS) in Systems Engineering. The MS in Systems Engineering will educate engineers to serve as the primary contact between customers, suppliers, management, and specialized engineers in the systems development process. Where other disciplines concentrate on the specifics of a system, systems engineers focus on the integration of all of those pieces as a logical and effective system.

The MS in Systems Engineering program is grounded in the intersection of electrical and systems engineering and will give students the foundation and interdisciplinary skills necessary to work in today’s ever-changing technological systems. Students will gain in-depth knowledge and technical skills in the field as they prepare for careers within both industry and government.

As a 30 credit hour program based online with optional in-person weekends, the MS in Systems Engineering is designed for working professionals. 

MS in Systems Engineering Curriculum

The MS in Systems Engineering requires the completion of 30 credit hours. 

Core courses (21 credits) include:

  • SYS605 Introduction to Systems Engineering
  • SYS610 Systems Architecture
  • SYS620 Systems Integration & Testing
  • SYS630 Systems Thinking in Engineering
  • EM660 Cost Management & Financial Analysis
  • EM680 Decision Analysis & Risk Management
  • EM 690 Capstone

Systems Engineering Elective Course (9 credits, choose any 3) options include:

  • EM610 Operations Management & Factory Physics
  • EM640 Leading & Managing Organizations
  • EM620 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques
  • IA630 Modeling for Insight
  • IA640 Data Visualization
  • OM680 Strategic Project Management
  • OM685 Quality Management & Process Control 

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