Clarkson University’s Education Department now offers coursework for New York state-certified teachers to pursue their K-12 Technology Education Supplemental Certification. This four-course series (12 credits) consists of coursework in energy systems, computer technology, manufacturing processes and the history of science and technology. Coursework may be customized depending on a candidate’s prior coursework.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is eligible?

K-12 classroom and content-area teachers who already hold New York state certification.

I am a New York state-certified teacher, how can I obtain my supplemental certification in K-12 Technology Education?
  • Email Catherine Snyder at to schedule an in-person or Zoom advising meeting with a Clarkson Education Department faculty member.
  • Apply to Clarkson using a non-degree application.
  • Complete the New York state-required coursework. For most candidates, this will be four, three-credit courses in energy systems, computer technology, manufacturing processes and the history of science and technology.
  • Pass the Technology Education Content Specialty Test.
  • Apply to the New York State Education Department using the independent pathway for supplemental certification.
Does this program provide New York State K-12 Technology Education supplemental certification automatically?

No, it does not. Once a candidate has completed the coursework, they must apply to New York state independently for their supplemental certification. The supplemental certification is valid for five years. Additional coursework is required for initial certification in Technology Education. Clarkson’s Education Department will assist with this process.

How much does this cost?

The tuition per course is $2,385. Clarkson alumni and mentors are eligible for a tuition reduction. Other cost reductions may be available. Interested teachers should also ask their school administrators if there is funding available to support their coursework. New York state assesses a $100 fee for the supplemental application.

Where are the courses offered?

The courses will use a combination of virtual and in-person formats. In-person courses will be offered at Clarkson’s Capital Region Campus in downtown Schenectady. Faculty will work with candidates to arrange a schedule that works for everyone.

I am interested in pursuing this certification, what is my next step?

Schedule a meeting with a Clarkson faculty member by emailing Catherine Snyder at We look forward to talking with you!