Thesis-Based MS in Computer Science Project-Based MS in Computer Science
Foundation course  Computer Algorithms (3 credits) Computer Algorithms (3 credits)
Programming-intensive course Choose two (6 credits) Choose two (6 credits)
Advisor-approved electives (see list below for sample list of electives) Choose three (9 credits): 1 research-focused course in Computer Science, 1 computer Engineering Course relevant to Computer Science, 1 Computer Science elective course Choose five (15 credits): 1 Computer Engineering course relevant to Computer Science, 
4 Computer Science elective courses
Final Capstone Thesis (10 credits) + Seminar (2 credits) Project (6 credits)

Elective Courses

Includes programming courses, if not used to meet the programming-intensive course requirement.

  • CS541 Introduction to Automata Theory and Formal Languages
  • CS542 Computational Complexity
  • CS549 Computational Learning
  • CS555 Computer Networks
  • CS556 Cryptography
  • CS557 Computer and Network Security
  • CS558 Formal Methods for Program Verification
  • CS560 Database Systems
  • CS565 Mobile Robotics and Human-Machine Interaction
  • CS566 Blockchain Technologies
  • CS569 Quantum Information and Computation
  • CS571 System Administration and Network Operations
  • CS575 Computer Ethics and Society
  • CS547 Advanced Algorithms
  • CS649 Current Issues in Machine Learning
  • CS653 Automated Reasoning
  • CS654 Current Issues in Computer Networking Research
  • CS657 Advanced Topics in Computer Security
  • CS662 Advanced Topics in Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces
  • CS668 Natural Language Processing
  • CS673 Advanced Topics in Computer Vision
  • CS675 Fairness, Accountability and Transparency in AI and Automated Systems