Required Courses

The Online Graduate Certificate in the Business of Energy requires a minimum of 4 courses. The Fundamentals of the Business of Energy course (BOE 610) core course must be taken by all students. The remaining 3 courses must be from the 5 Business of Energy courses. To get the most out of the program, students are recommended to take all 6 BOE courses. Students interested in particular courses, but not the complete certificate, may take those courses with the approval of the program advisor.

Business of Energy Courses:

  • Fundamentals of Business of Energy (BOE610)
  • Planning and Operations of Power Systems (BOE611)
  • Power Markets (BOE612)
  • Deregulations and Restructuring (BOE613)
  • Electric Power Industry Economics and Finance (BOE614)
  • Challenges to Upgrading Infrastructure (BOE615)