The IBB-MS degree program is designed for those who need a bioscience MS degree to be competitive for biomedical and biotech industry scientific and administrative positions, or a bioscience MS degree to be attractive for strong PhD bioscience graduate programs, or else a bioscience MS degree to be more competitive when applying for highly-competitive veterinary or medical school professional programs. Program benefits include:

  • Rigorous interdisciplinary bioscience and biotechnology curriculum.
  • Small and personalized courses and advisement.
  • Strong support and success at having degree earners move to industry, or health professional, and PhD programs.
  • A 4+1 option in which strong Clarkson and Associated Colleges undergraduate students take two graduate courses their senior year and complete the MS degree in a fifth year, providing a head-start and rapid track to a bioscience MS degree.


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This program consists of a minimum of 30 credits beyond a bachelor's degree. These credits are taken in coursework, laboratory, seminar and thesis research work.

MS in Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Biotechnology

General Admission Requirements

Applicants should possess either: BS or BA in a Bioscience, Chemistry, or other Math, Science or Engineering affiliated-discipline that included coursework in cell & molecular biology, genetics, and organic chemistry.

A complete application file consists of the following items:

  • Application form.
  • Resume and statement of purpose.
  • Letters of recommendation — three letters required.
  • Official transcripts.
  • Test scores — GRE* and a score of 80 for TOEFL/6.5 for IELTS (if applicable).

MS Admission Requirements for 4+1 Option

Strong undergraduate students at Clarkson and Associated Colleges institutions can pursue a 4+1 option in which they take two graduate courses their senior year and complete the MS degree in a fifth year. This provides a head-start and rapid track to a bioscience MS degree. Students should apply in the junior year (5th or 6th semester) of their undergraduate career.  Associated Colleges include SUNY Canton, SUNY Potsdam and St. Lawrence University.  Students at these colleges can take the required Clarkson graduate courses at their Associated Colleges cross-registration.

Requirements, to be submitted to the Department at:

  • Either a Biology or Biomolecular Science Major or another major that has taken the Clarkson University introductory biology core (BY 140, 142, 160, 162) and genetics (BY 214), or the equivalent courses, if a student at one of the Associated Colleges.
  • GPA minimum of 3.25 overall and for Biology courses.
  • Likelihood of completing undergraduate degree requirements plus two additional graduate courses during the senior year (7th and 8th semesters).
  • Short essay explaining why the student is motivated to pursue a MS degree.
  • Specification of which MS program the student plans to pursue.

*GRE may be waived for some applicants.

Supplemental information may be submitted if desired; this could include any other information that may help us evaluate your application.