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September 15, 2020 - Video Message from President Collins

September 8, 2020Moving to Stage 2

August 31, 2020 - Question/Answer on Social Distancing Protocols and Quarantine

August 21, 2020Confirming our Plan to Communicate Positive Test Results to the Campus Community

August 20, 2020 -  How Masks Protect You

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Future Ready: Our New York State Reopening Plan

To the greater Clarkson Community:

We appreciate your patience and attention as we share our current plans in a dynamic national environment subject to evolving directives and guidance from local, New York State and federal representatives as well as new best practices emerging from industry and our peers. This plan has been developed in accordance with New York Forward regulations and the specific guidance for higher education and higher education research operations.

The health, safety and well-being of our greater Clarkson community is our highest priority. With the mindset to be future ready under fluid circumstances, we strive throughout the restart process to make decisions that also build the resilience of the communities where we operate and that perpetuate our commitment to prepare all students to be global leaders. If better processes, practices and procedures emerge we will make those adjustments. Similarly, if we are required to enact more stringent requirements, we will make those adjustments. In both cases we will inform you as soon as is practical.


View and Download the entire Clarkson University Future Ready Plan

Appendix A: COVID-19 Screening - Employee Daily Checklists

What do I need to do everyday before going to my workplace on campus?

This section contains a questionnaire that will be completed daily by each Clarkson University employee prior to the start of their work shift or immediately upon reporting to campus for work. This screening includes questions about an employee’s temperature and whether or not they have had symptoms, and also inquires about their recent travel history and potential contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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Appendix B: Back to Work Policies
Appendix C: Student Move In Plan

What is the timeline and process for moving residential students back to campus?

Clarkson’s process and timeline for student move in has been outlined to provide information on the staggered move in, the process for early drop off, details of moving in for new and returning students, and an outline of what students can expect in residence halls regarding living plans and cleaning and disinfecting procedures. This section also includes move in dates and check in and check out protocols for move in day. Please see this document for full details.

View and Download Appendix C

Appendix D: St. Lawrence Health System COVID-19 Preparedness Update for Clarkson University

Do you have examples of how Clarkson is working with local health officials on its reopening plan?  

Clarkson has been working closely with the St. Lawrence Health System, which has developed a preparedness update for the university to include its COVID-19 response efforts, information on its resources, tracking, and studies of the virus, and a list of its priorities during the pandemic.

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Appendix E1: Employee Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During COVID-19

Does Clarkson have information for employees on when and how to use Personal Protective Equipment while on campus and in the community? 

Clarkson has developed a document which defines PPE and offers guidelines and procedures for its use on the Clarkson University campus, while also providing resources to find more related information. These guidelines include outlining when and where employees must be using PPE and proper procedures for putting on and taking off PPE. Please see the document for full details.

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Appendix E2: Student Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) During COVID-19

Does Clarkson have information for students on when and how to use Personal Protective Equipment while on campus and in the community? 

Clarkson has developed a document which defines PPE and offers guidelines and procedures for its use on the Clarkson University campus, while also providing resources to find more related information. These guidelines include outlining when and where students must be using PPE and proper procedures for putting on and taking off PPE. Please see the document for full details.

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Appendix F1: Clarkson Commitment Code of Conduct and Appendix F2: Clarkson Commitment Accountability

Are there health and safety expectations for students and employees to meet while on campus?

The Clarkson Commitment Code of Conduct lays out an agreement that everyone returning to the Clarkson campus must comply with in order to maintain the highest level of safety possible to promote wellness among our students, faculty and staff. Those who sign this commitment are asked to follow protocols that will help ensure everyone’s safety, including wearing face coverings, washing hands, social distancing, and complying with various other restrictions in the classroom, common spaces and living quarters. See the full code of conduct in this document.

What happens if a student or organization does not comply with the code of conduct?

Any student or organization who does not adhere to the expectations outlined in the Clarkson Commitment may face consequences for posing a potential public health problem. The consequences for noncompliance with the code of conduct are outlined in this document.

View and Download Appendices F1 and F2

Appendix G: COVID-19 Student Screening, Monitoring and Positive Case Response Plan

What happens if a student contracts COVID-19?

This section provides a fully detailed plan for screening, monitoring and handling a positive case of COVID-19 on the Clarkson campus, which has been adapted and modeled after recommendations made by the New York State Department of Health guidance on employees returning to work and a consultative report from St. Lawrence County Public Health. This plan includes information on health assessments, campus emergency response and transportation, an academic plan, contact tracing and isolation and quarantine. 

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Appendix H: Student Move Out Plan

Is there a move out plan if students need to move out early?

Clarkson has developed a detailed plan for moving students out of their on-campus housing that will allow students to safely depart over a three day period should the need arise. This plan includes the process and timeline of a safe move out, along with other details including checking in and out information for international students and vulnerable populations. Please see this document for more information.

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Appendix I: Cleaning and Disinfecting During COVID-19

What kind of cleaning procedures does Clarkson have to protect its campus population during COVID-19?

In this section, Clarkson offers disinfection and cleaning definitions in accordance with CDC guidelines and outlines its cleaning protocol, which prioritizes cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas and high-touch surfaces. This plan also details the procedure for cleaning areas where someone is suspected of having, or has been confirmed to have, COVID-19.

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Appendix J: NYS Safety Plan

How is Clarkson complying with guidelines set by New York State?

To ensure Clarkson is abiding by the reopening plans set by the state, we have included in this section the commitments we are making, which have been set by New York State. These commitments include meeting requirements on physical distancing, PPE, hygiene and cleaning, communication, screening, and contact tracing and disinfection.

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Appendix K: Dining Service Plan

What precautions are being taken to ensure safe dining on campus and how will meals be served?

Clarkson will continue to offer a variety of dining options on campus, but with alterations being made to ordering, packaging, and the dining experience to accommodate health and safety guidelines. In this section, Clarkson has provided information on meal plans and retail payment, dining locations, social distancing and safety, and expectations for dining staff. 

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Appendix L: Research Continuity and Safety Plan

How is research continuing and what safety measures are going into place? 

Clarkson is committed to providing its employees, contractors, and vendors with a safe environment to conduct research in its laboratory facilities.  In connection with that commitment, Clarkson has implemented the following Research Facility Safety Plan (the “Plan”), which is intended to comply with applicable federal and state guidance and to reduce the risk of disease transmission of COVID-19.

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Appendix M - Gym & Fitness Center Reopening Added August 27, 2020

What are the plans to reopen the gyms and fitness centers? 

As an addendum to the Clarkson University Reopening Plan submitted to New York State on July 21, 2020 following the higher education guidance, this report has been prepared in accordance with the New York Forward Interim Guidance issued on August 17, 2020 for Gyms and Fitness Centers during the COVID-19 Public Health emergency.   This report is broken down by each fitness facility on our campus in Potsdam, NY and then organized by the guidance requirements provided for people, places and processes.

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Restart Teams

We have three Restart Task Force teams addressing University operations to ensure we are taking  the steps to adapt to an evolving  future – Academic Affairs, Facilities/Infrastructure, and Student Affairs/Residence Life  -- and two additional Restart Task force teams to integrate Communications and Personnel & Policies matters across the tasks force teams and University for these plans. 

The liaisons for each restart team and sub-task working groups are below.  Members of the Clarkson community are encouraged to review materials for these groups as they are posted and reach out to the workgroups with ideas and comments based on professional expertise and personal interests. 

Task Force Leads

Executive Work Group: President Tony Collins, Provost Robyn Hannigan, VP for External Relations Kelly Chezum, VP Enrollment and Student Advancement Brian Grant, Chief HR Officer Amy McGaheran, and Chief Information Officer Josh Fiske

A Safe Place for Learning

Category Image
New York State COVID-19 Map 081720

Potsdam and New York's North Country community are a unique part of the world where we genuinely look out for each other. Through diligence by many, COVID-19 in our region has been proactively managed with minimal cases.

Category Image
Clarkson Trail in Fall

Our 640-acre campus and its wooded nature trail system advance personal wellness and plenty of room for social distancing year round. 

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Clarkson University's Innovation Hub

Through Ignite and the Shipley Center for Innovation, all students engage in entrepreneurship, design, and innovation programs enabling translation of solutions to real-world problems facing the world.


Positive COVID-19 Test Reporting on Campus

The University posts an announcement to the campus community on the same day we are notified of a positive result on a COVID-19 test for one of our faculty, staff or students. The Reopening Plan (above) submitted to NYS details the ongoing plans for testing and monitoring of Clarkson's campus community members.  All students returning to campus for Fall 2020 have been required to submit a negative test result prior to their arrival. All students returning to campus were tested a second time by the University within 7 to 10 days of the specimen date of their first test.  The University also is conducting 300+ random tests per week throughout the semester in addition to immediate testing based on COVID-19 symptoms or circumstances reported on a daily screening tool.  

Here are the announcements that have been posted since the Fall Semester has started and a dashboard with testing results. From March 13 through August 18, there were seven positive tests previously reported for faculty, staff and students who were not on campus.  All have recovered. 

Restart Communication on Positive COVID-19 Case - August 28, 2020

Restart Communication: Positive Case COVID-19 Case reported for Potsdam Campus, August 26, 2020

Restart Communication on Positive COVID-19 Case - August 23, 2020

If you have any questions, please contact  VP Kelly Chezum,  

COVID-19 Dashboard

Testing Administered in University Health Center by St. Lawrence Health System Since 8/1/2020. 

Note: The NYS Department of Health on 9/15/20 initiated a new NYS dashboard to include data effective from 8/1/20 and this dashboard, which originally had been from the start of classes, was adjusted to match the new NYS reporting for consistency and to ensure transparency.  All known cases have been reported publicly and there have been no new cases of COVID-19 reported since 8/28/2020.


Total Number Tested


Total Cases Recovered


Total Positive Test Results


Total Current Active Cases


Total Negative Test Results

Other Campus Community Members/ Testing Sites


Total Current Active Cases


Total Cases Recovered