Making Plans in a Dynamic National Environment

To the Clarkson Community:

We appreciate your patience and attention as we share our current plans in a dynamic national environment subject to evolving directives and guidance from local, New York State and federal representatives as well as new best practices emerging from industry and our peers. If better processes, practices and procedures emerge we will make those adjustments. Similarly, if we are required to enact more stringent requirements, we will make those adjustments. In both cases we will inform you as soon as is practical. 

The Restart Task Force

Expectations For All of Us

Throughout this reopening of campus and welcoming new students to our Clarkson family, we remain committed to the safety and wellness of everyone in our community. The Year 2020 may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain the experience of being a part of something larger than ourselves. For example, the reason for wearing a mask and following the safety guidance issued is to protect your community -- and in turn, others will protect you by doing the same.  

Based on earlier survey responses and work already in progress, there is great stakeholder interest in shaping a social contract that connects us all to the behaviors and practices we need to uphold to protect ourselves and each other. We are currently calling this the Clarkson Commitment. The Clarkson Commitment and Student Wellness Plan will be available on your Student Checklist in myCU by July 10. Every member of our community will be asked to sign this document, which may be reviewed in draft form here

Restart Teams

We have three Restart Task Force teams addressing University operations to ensure we are taking  the steps to adapt to an evolving  future – Academic Affairs, Facilities/Infrastructure, and Student Affairs/Residence Life  -- and two additional Restart Task force teams to integrate Communications and Personnel & Policies matters across the tasks force teams and University for these plans. 

The liaisons for each restart team and sub-task working groups are below.  Members of the Clarkson community are encouraged to review materials for these groups as they are posted and reach out to the workgroups with ideas and comments based on professional expertise and personal interests. 

Task Force Leads

Executive Work Group: President Tony Collins, Provost Robyn Hannigan, VP for External Relations Kelly Chezum, VP Enrollment and Student Advancement Brian Grant, Chief HR Officer Amy McGaheran, and Chief Information Officer Josh Fiske

A Safe Place for Learning

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Clarkson University COVID-19 Map

Potsdam and New York's North Country community are a unique part of the world where we genuinely look out for each other. Through diligence by many, COVID-19 in our region has been proactively managed with minimal cases.

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Clarkson Trail in Fall

Our 640-acre campus and its wooded nature trail system advance personal wellness and plenty of room for social distancing year round. 

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Clarkson University's Innovation Hub

Through Ignite and the Shipley Center for Innovation, all students engage in entrepreneurship, design, and innovation programs enabling translation of solutions to real-world problems facing the world.