University Requirements:

  • Thirty credit hours
    • at least 18 credits of graduate course work
    • at least 2 credits of seminar
    • at least 6 credits of thesis
  • At least a 3.0 cumulative GPA in coursework contributing to degree requirements
  • At least two seminars in residence
  • All accepted international students, for whom English is a second language, are required to take an English-as-a-Second-Language placement exam (LA005) upon their arrival on campus. Recommended ESL courses must be completed.

The ES&E degree typically takes one and a half to two years.

Degree Requirements:

Environmental Science & Engineering MS Required Courses

The master’s candidate must complete 30 credit hours, including 2 credits of seminar; and at least 6 credits of research (or 4 credits towards a Project).  Additionally the master’s candidate must take:

  • EV 532 (Risk Analysis)
  • POL 570 (Environmental Policy) or POL 571 (Energy Policy)
  • CE 586 (Industrial Ecology) or CE 582 (Environmental Systems Analysis & Design)
  • Three (3) additional electives (9 credits) following a selected “Theme”
  • At least three (3) of the above set of courses must be Engineering courses
  • Choice of completing Thesis or Project


Engineering and Policy:

  • EC660 (Environmental Economics)
  • POL571 (Energy Policy)
  • CE586 (Industrial Ecology)
  • EV536 (Global Climate Change: Science, Engineering, and Policy)
  • ANTH570 (Environment, Technology, and Society)
  • POL592 (Environmental Political Theory)
  • POL575 (Environmental Law)

Air Quality and Environmental Assessment:

  • CE577 (Atmospheric Chemistry)
  • CM532 (Particle Size Analysis in Dispersions and Other Colloids)
  • CM552 (Aerosol Chemistry)
  • EHS505 (Methods and Analysis)
  • CE533 (Human Exposure Analysis)

Sustainable Systems:

  • BY659 (Systems Biology)
  • BY520 (Microbiology)
  • BY525 (Biological Systems & Global Environmental Change)
  • CE586 (Industrial Ecology)
  • CE534 (Sustainable Development Engineering)
  • CE569 (Watershed Analysis)
  • PHIL510 (Sustainability Theory & Practice: A Critical Assessment)

Environmental Chemistry:

  • BY531/CE589 (Limnology)
  • CE535 (Groundwater Hydrology and Geochemistry)
  • CE577 (Atmospheric Chemistry)
  • CE580 (Environmental Chemistry)
  • CM530 (Colloids and Interfaces)
  • CM532 (Particle Size Analysis in Dispersions and Other Colloids)
  • CM552 (Aerosol Chemistry)
  • EHS505 (Methods and Analysis)

Environmental Quality and Treatment:

  • CE579 (Water and Wastewater Treatment and Design)
  • CE581 (Hazardous Waste Management Engineering)
  • CE584 (Chemodynamics)
  • CE681 (Environmental Physico-Chemical Processes)
  • CE682 (Environmental Biological Processes)