Message From the Chair

We are excited to share with you the winter edition of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering e-newsletter. Our students and faculty continue to amaze us as they pursue the interdisciplinary research and knowledge needed to solve real-world problems. In this edition, we have highlighted just a few of their stories. I hope you enjoy reading them.

— Paul McGrath, Professor/Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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K-LEB System

Going International 

The IEEE International Symposium on Workload Characterization went virtual this past year, as did Clarkson doctoral student Chutitep Woralert and his advisor, Professor Chen Liu. They presented their paper on K-LEB (Kernel – Lineage of Event Behavior), a novel software program monitoring mechanism that uses a kernel module-based design.

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Detecting COVID-19 Hotspots

Although light is appearing at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it will still be awhile before all the COVID-19 hotspots are gone. In the meantime, a pair of Clarkson professors wants to warn you if you’re heading straight into one. They have teamed up with researchers from Arizona State University to create an app that will help detect potential hotspots.

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Mahesh Banavar and Stephanie Schuckers
Daqing Hou

Fighting Online Fraud

E-commerce and online retail, already a trend, exploded during this pandemic, as stay-at-home orders prompted many to do their shopping online. But along with the e-commerce boom came increased e-commerce fraud. Not one to sit idly by, Professor Daqing Hou recently received NSF funding to help detect and prevent such instances of fraud.

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We’re a Good Investment

Getting a bang for your buck has always been a priority for those considering which college to attend. If they didn’t hear about it elsewhere, prospective students reading the new guidebook, Colleges Worth Your Money, can rest assured that Clarkson, one of only 150 colleges featured, is an investment they will be happy they made.

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