Message From the Chair

With summer in full swing, we are eager to welcome students back to campus at the end of the month. In the meantime, the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering remains busy with research projects, grants, publications and conferences. Here are a few recent departmental highlights for you to enjoy. Stay safe and well. 

— Paul McGrath, Professor/Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Silvana Andreescu and Stephanie Schuckers


We all have one, and not a moment goes by when we aren’t using it. Yet for all our dependence on the brain, we don’t understand much of its workings. Funded by an NSF award, Professor Stephanie Schuckers is teaming up with Professor Silvana Andreescu to develop biosensors that will shed more light on the brain’s neurotransmitters.

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Software Research Boosted 

At Clarkson, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our students have ample opportunities to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty working on projects that will prepare them to face real-world challenges head-on. Soon, thanks to an NSF research grant, undergrads will have enhanced software engineering course projects.

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Guest Editor Liu

Future Generation Computer Systems, a leading journal reporting on distributed systems, collaborative environments and big data, among other things, recently invited Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Chen Liu to be guest editor of a special issue that is due out in November. For those who can’t wait, his editorial is already available.

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Driving the Future

A Golden Knight was behind the wheel of this year’s International Conference on Connected and Autonomous Driving. Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Chen Liu was program co-chair of MetroCAD 2021, where autonomous driving researchers and practitioners gathered virtually to discuss the latest challenges in the field.

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MetroCAD 2021