Committee Members

Carrie LaBarr: Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Cathy McNamara: Associate Vice President of Student Success, Diversity & Inclusion
Cintia Hongay: Assistant Professor
Demetrius Dowell: Director of Student Diversity Programs and Veterans Liaison
Jen Ball: Assistant Professor of Humanities / Title IX Coordinator
JoAnn Rogers: Assistant Professor of Humanities
Kate Mikel: Associate Director & Tutor Coordinator
Kathleen Issen: Associate Professor
Loren Nowak: Director of Accommodative Services
Patrice Cole: Administrative Assistant of Student Administrative Service

Peter Turner: Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences
Reilly Curran: Student
Skyler Canute: Student
Sandra Fisher: Associate Professor of Consumer & Organizational Studies
Suzanne Davis: Director of Student Administrative Services
Taliah Pounds: Student
Tamera Rizk: Assistant Dean of Students
Vanessa Adams: Office Manager / Assistant to the Director of Facilities & Services
Yang Li: Student