Benefits of the SLPC Experience

Learning from Real World Experts

At the SLPC, students will shadow psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and social workers while observing group therapy sessions and treatment team meetings. Students will also lead a therapy session under the supervision of a staff professional. Participating students learn SLPC security protocol. As the University’s other professional partnerships have demonstrated, students with experience working within top-level safety guidelines gain an advantage when seeking graduate and professional positions.

A Tremendous Advantage with Graduate Schools and Employers

The Clarkson-St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center Partnership provides undergraduate psychology students with a rare opportunity not found at many other colleges and universities. Few, if any, undergraduate psychology programs in the country offer students this level of professional immersion and clinical experience. It's an experience that potential employers and graduate school admissions committees love to see on students' resumes. 

The Clarkson-St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center Experience

The partnership course accepts six students per semester, with a ratio of two students to each board-certified mental health care professional at the Center. This allows for more direct communications between SLPC professionals and students, and also minimizes disruption of on-going therapies, while SLPC administration and staff constantly monitor student and patient activity.

Each week, in addition to working at SLPC, students attend a two-hour, on-campus meeting with faculty members in Clarkson’s Department of Psychology. These meetings give students the opportunity to discuss their experiences at SLPC, make informal presentations and get critical feedback on developing treatment plans and methodologies.

  • A semester-long course, open only to Clarkson Psychology majors.
  • Six credits.
  • Each week, participating students work with board-certified psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers as they treat patients at the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center in Ogdensburg, N.Y.
  • Weekly, two-hour classes on campus for students to reflect on and discuss their time at SLPC.
  • A University vehicle will be available to students driving between campus and the SLPC. Each student pays $90 to cover the cost of gas and other transportation expenses.
  • Six students are selected each semester.
About the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center

The St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center (about 30 miles from Clarkson’s Potsdam campus in Ogdensburg, New York) is home to three residential programs: Adult Services, a Sex Offender Treatment Program and Children/Youth Services. In addition to providing a full range of inpatient services, the SLPC also offers outpatient care options, including clinics and sustained treatment programs.

To Apply

Applications must include GPA and a short essay, explaining the student’s interest in the course and how it will help advance personal and professional goals. These materials must be submitted to Dr. Lisa Legault at

For more information about the course, contact your academic advisor or course director Dr. Lisa Legault.