Simulation Lab

Our state of the art simulation lab (“Sim Lab”) is an extension of the classroom, which allows students to apply strategies learned in lectures to hands-on activities in a realistic environment. The “Sim Lab” consists of a fully functioning kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, living room, bedroom, and parking/outdoor environment complete with a vehicle. Two hospital rooms also allow students to practice mock evaluation and interventions in acute care settings. Smart home technologies are integrated into this space, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home, automated window blinds, smart lighting, Wemo plugs with home appliances, Flic buttons, iRobot Roomba and an automated adjustable height island. Coming soon – we’ll be adding an automated pantry, automated wardrobe, smart doorbells and surveillance cameras. 

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Pediatrics Lab

Our Pediatrics Lab (“Peds Lab”) is a classroom fully equipped with floor mats, suspended equipment, assessment tools, and assorted toys and activities. Students use this space to learn about typical development as well as evaluation and intervention strategies for children with a wide range of common pediatric conditions. Children from the community enjoy visiting students and faculty in the Peds Lab for guided activities, while providing experiential learning opportunities for our OT students.

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Cadaver Lab

Our OT students gain extensive knowledge and understanding of the human body through human cadaver dissection. Cadavers are shared among small groups (typically 4-5 students), allowing each student the opportunity for up-close investigation and hands-on learning. Throughout our curriculum, OT faculty “bridge” the science with specific conditions, their impact on client function and participation, and the OT intervention process.

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Media Lab

Occupational therapists recognize the value of participating and engaging in meaningful activities, and their relationship to health-related quality of life. Our media lab is a combination classroom, workshop, and study hub where students learn to analyze the demands of an activity, identify barriers to participation in activities, and adapt activities to accommodate for a variety of challenges. Rich in materials and tools, students can apply their creativity and innovation to fabricate and adapt unique solutions to everyday problems. 

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Assistive Tech Resource & Education Center (ATREC)

Clarkson OT’s Assistive Technology Resource & Education Center (“ATREC”) is a resource for students, faculty and community members alike. Through our partnerships with the State of NY, other universities, and community disability agencies, we are able to support individuals with disabilities, family members, caregivers and health care providers in the use of assistive technologies to promote engagement and participation. We currently have over 400 items in our AT lending library, and provide frequent community outreach activities such as open houses or workshops. We also have two 3D printers, which can be used by students to create custom adaptive equipment for assignments or to support community members and projects.

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Shared PT/OT Clinical Lab

The Clinical Lab is a place for active learning, where students have the opportunity to apply concepts related to assessment and intervention. Through hands-on peer practice as well as simulated activities, students use this space to develop their clinical skills, with an emphasis on movement. 

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Health Sciences Library

Our newly renovated Health Sciences Library serves multiple purposes. Students have access to a wide range of e-books, text books, databases and peer-reviewed journals, while our librarian and staff are more than happy to help students with tasks such as learning effective search strategies, reviewing how to cite sources, or obtaining materials through interlibrary loans. In addition to a wealth of learning resources, the Health Science Library also offers students a comfortable place to congregate and learn together. 

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