Degree Requirements

  • Complete 30 credit hours subject to the following restrictions:
    • At least 20 credit hours of course and seminar work must be earned in residence at Clarkson
    • At least 16 hours must be earned in the Department of Mathematics as courses and seminars numbered above MA 505, with at most one of these credits coming from seminar.
    • Among the courses, one course must be MA 521 Classical Complex Analysis, MA 522 Classical Real Analysis or MA 578 Numerical Analysis, and two other courses must be at the 500 or 600 level. The remainder of the coursework must be approved by the advisor in collaboration with the Graduate Committee Chair.
    • Have an overall grade point average of at least 3.00 in his/her course work

Fulfill one of the following:

    • Write a thesis under the guidance of a faculty member. The thesis is to be an original or expository study of some area or problem and shall represent 6 to 10 credit hours. The topic of the thesis must be approved by the graduate committee and thesis advisor in advance. As required by University regulations, the thesis must be examined by a committee of at least three Clarkson faculty appointed by the chair of the department.
    • Pass two qualifying exams described under the requirements for the PhD degree. The choices must be approved by the student's advisor and the graduate committee.
    • Pass one exam from either of the categories (I or II) listed in the PhD requirements, plus complete a special project. A description of the proposed project must be approved in advance by the student's advisor and the graduate committee. When the project is completed, it must be approved by the graduate committee. Completion will carry 3 to 9 hours at the discretion of the student's advisor.