Mathematics Core Requirements

Students are required to complete the following courses:


  • MA131 Calculus I 
  • MA132 Calculus II 
  • MA200 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling & Software 
  • MA211 Discrete Mathematics and Proof 
  • MA231 Calculus III 
  • MA232 Elementary Differential Equations 
  • MA321 Advanced Calculus 
  • MA339 Applied Linear Algebra 
  • MA451 Introduction to Mathematical Research (2 credits)
  • or MA453 Mathematical Instruction (2 credits)
  • STAT383 Probability & Statistics 

Professional Experience

Students are required to complete the following Professional Experience:
MA499 Professional Experience (0 credits)

Mathematics Core Electives

Mathematics Option & Statistics Option

The mathematics major has two options. The mathematics option is designed for students with a general interest in mathematics and is excellent preparation for graduate school. The statistics option replaces some mathematics courses in the junior and senior years with statistics courses and is designed to prepare students for careers as statisticians or actuaries.


Mathematics Option

Students must complete two of the following courses:

  • MA311 Abstract Algebra 
  • MA313 Abstract Linear Algebra 
  • MA314 Number Theory & Its Applications 
  • MA322 Advanced Calculus II 

Statistics Option

Students must complete the following four courses:

  • STAT381 Probability 
  • STAT382 Mathematical Statistics 
  • STAT384 Applied Statistics 
  • STAT488 Statistics Projects (1-3 credits)

Science Courses for Mathematics

Students must complete the following four courses:

  • CS141 Introduction to Computer Science I (4 credits)
  • PH131 Physics I (4 credits)
  • PH132 Physics II (4 credits)
  • Elective Biology (BY), Chemistry (CM), or Physics (PH) elective (3 credits)

Knowledge Area/University Course Electives

Students will have at least 19 credit hours available to use toward Knowledge Area and/or University Course electives to satisfy the Clarkson Common Experience requirements.

Free Electives*

Students will have approximately 41 credit hours available to use toward courses of their choice.

*Up to 12 credit hours of advanced (300- or 400-level) coursework in Aerospace Studies or Military Science may count toward graduation requirements. Aerospace Studies or Military Science credits at the 100 and 200 levels do not count toward the required 120 hours. Other restrictions may apply; check with the department for details.