All students choosing a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies must complete 15 credit hours (five courses) and satisfy the following requirements:

  • Either SS 220, Introduction to Gender, or SS 221, Introduction to Sexuality

Four of the following Gender and Sexuality Studies courses:

  • Either SS 220 or SS 221 (whichever one was not taken to satisfy requirement #1) ANTH 225 Global Perspectives on Sexuality
  • ANTH 325 Sex and Commerce ANTH 330 Men & Masculinities
  • HIST 326 Modern Sex: Sexualities and Genders in Modern America HIST 327 History of Women and Gender in America
  • HIST 328 History of Gender and Sexuality in the Transatlantic World HIST 329 History of the American Family
  • HIST 338 Women, Gender, and Science in American History HIST 342 War and Gender: The Modern Period
  • LIT 240 Gender and Popular Culture POL 355 Women and Politics
  • SOC 310 Women and Religion
  • SOC 330 Health, Wealth, Inequality, and the Environment
  • SS 499 Zero-credit Minor Portfolio, as required of the other minors in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Advising for the minor takes place in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences.