Political Science Core Requirements 

Students are required to complete the following courses:

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • HSS120 Introducing the Liberal Arts (1 credit)
  • HSS480 Major Research Seminar 

Professional Experience

Students are required to complete the following Professional Experience:
HSS480 Major Research Seminar

Political Science Core Electives

Students must complete nine of the following courses:*

Political Science

  • POL220 American Politics
  • POL362 Human Rights, Law and Politics
  • POL301 Political Theory
  • POL371 Environmental Law
  • POL302 Contemporary Political Theory
  • POL380 (PHIL380) The Law and Bioethics
  • POL320 The American Political Tradition
  • POL390-99 Special Topics in Political Science
  • POL350 (SOC350) International Dev and Soc Change
  • POL391 American Foreign Policy
  • POL351 (SOC351) Globalization
  • POL400 Constitutional Law
  • POL230 Introduction to Global Politics
  • POL(SOC)470/570 Environmental Policy
  • POL260 Introduction to Public Policy
  • POL471/571 Energy Policy
  • POL335/LIT335 Violence and Reconciliation
  • POL372 Biofuel and Farm Policy
  • POL355 Women and Politics
  • POL374 Environmental Political Theory
  • POL370 Close and Contested Elections
  • SS380 Research Methods
  • POL249 Zombie Politics
  • POL388 Terror and Terrorism
  • POL268 Social Movements in the United States
  • POL240 Causes of War
  • POL250 Politics in Cross-National Perspective
  • POL255 Introduction to African Politics

*Of the nine courses taken above, students should include one in American Politics, Political Theory, International and Comparative Politics, and Law and Public Policy.

**Students should work with their academic advisors to find the courses that best fit their interests.

Political Science Electives

Pre-Professional External Field Electives

Students must complete five courses in a pre-professional external field, such as business, communications and media, pre-dentistry, pre-law, pre-medicine, pre-occupational therapy, pre-physician assistant, pre-physical therapy, pre-veterinary, etc. This pre-professional concentration provides students with opportunities to increase career choices while exploring a wide variety of interests through their major.

Knowledge Area/University Course Electives

Students will have at least 21 credit hours available to use toward Knowledge Area and/or University Course electives to satisfy the Clarkson Common Experience requirements.

Free Electives

Students will have approximately 45 credit hours available to use toward courses of their choice.