Every member of the Master of Arts in Teaching faculty has secondary teaching experience. Students are successful, in part, because they receive extensive mentorship and support from master teachers who bring advanced teaching skills and extensive classroom experience to the MAT program. As a result, our graduating students are among the most qualified and sought-after teachers in the field.

MAT Curriculum (38-Credit Program)

Prerequisites (No Credits):

  • ED 500: Field Experience - Four days of structured observations in secondary schools. Can be organized by CRC Department 
  • of Education Coordinator. Please call 518-631-9870. 
  • The equivalent of an undergraduate major in the discipline the candidate would like to teach.
  • Undergraduate liberal arts core including courses in humanities/arts, writing/communication, social sciences, STEM and one semester of foreign language. 
  • Educational Psychology (an undergraduate course, or independent study with Clarkson's CRC Department of Education exam). 

Required Core Courses (9 Courses/29 credits):

  • ED 501 Teaching Practicum (1 credit)
  • ED 502 NY State Teacher Requirements (1 credit)
  • ED 503 Professionalism in Teaching (0 credits)
  • ED 511-16 Curriculum and Methods ofTeaching (in the discipline in which the student will become certified) (3 credits)
  • ED 540 The Psychology of Teaching with lab component (3 credits)
  • ED 541 Essential Reading Literacy (3 credits)
  • ED 550 Effective Teaching for All Learners (3 credits)
  • ED 551 Teaching Residency (Fall, 4 credits)
  • ED 552 Teaching Residency (Spring, 5 credits)
  • ED 544 Literacy for the Content Classroom (3 credits)
  • ED 560 The Modern Teacher (3 credits)

Research Project (3 Credits):

  • ED 580 MAT Project (in the discipline in which the student will become certified)

Subject Area Courses (6 Credits):

  • Students complete two electives in the subject area in which they will be obtaining certification (six credits). Subject areas include:
    • biology
    • chemistry
    • earth science
    • mathematics
    • physics
    • technology
    • social studies
    • Chinese
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Latin
    • Spanish. 

The Clarkson Teaching Residency
MAT graduate candidates complete a half-day, year-long residency in a secondary school, taking full responsibility for at least two classes. Students will be interviewed at the site(s) where they expect to intern. Entrance into the teaching residency portion of the program is contingent upon completion of Psychology of Teaching and the appropriate Curriculum and Methods course with minimum grades of “B” and with permission of the Chair.