Clarkson University offers a minor in Communication that is available to all undergraduate students with the exception of Communication majors. Courses used to fulfill the requirements of the minor include writing, speaking, graphic design, and theory. To achieve a minor in Communication, students must achieve a 2.0 grade average in six three-credit courses, distributed in the following fashion:

Students must take one course from each of the four groups below, plus any other two communication courses:


  • COMM210 Theory of Rhetoric for Business, Science and Engineering
  • COMM226 Short Film Writing
  • COMM326 Feature Film Screenwriting
  • COMM312 Public Relations
  • COMM313* Professional Communication
  • COMM330 Science Journalism
  • COMM428* Environmental Communication


  • COMM217 Introduction to Public Speaking
  • COMM312 Public Relations
  • COMM313* Professional Communication
  • COMM417 Business and Professional Speaking


  • COMM100 2D Digital Design 
  • COMM229 - Principles of User-Experience Design
  • COMM320 Photography
  • COMM322 Typography and Design
  • COMM327 Digital Video Production I
  • COMM345 Information Design
  • COMM360 Sound Design 
  • COMM427 Digital Video Production II


  • COMM310 Mass Media and Society
  • COMM410 Theory and Philosophy of Communication
  • COMM412 Organizational Communications and Public Relations Theory
  • COMM428* Environmental Communication

*Course may be used for one of two groups but not both.

NOTE: Students may transfer no more than six off-campus credits towards the minor. The chair of the Department of Communication & Media must approve transfer courses.