The requirements include the first-year Chemistry sequence to introduce and reinforce fundamental concepts, as well as to provide an overview of the science.  Five additional courses (at least 15 credits beyond the first-year sequence) must be selected from the list, below.  These can be chosen to complement a student’s interests and career plans.  To ensure exposure to modern chemical instrumentation, one of the five courses must be a sophomore or higher level lab.

First-year Chemistry Sequence:

CM103, CM104, CM105 and CM106 (10 credits) or CM131 and CM132 (8 credits)

Students must take five of the following fourteen courses, including at least one of the labs:

CM221 Spectroscopy (3 credits)
CM223 Spectroscopy Lab (3 credits)
CM241 Organic Chemistry I (3 credits)
CM242 Organic Chemistry II (3 credits)
CM244 Organic Chemistry Lab (3 credits)
CM300 Instrumental Lab (3 credits)
CM312 Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry (3 credits)
CM320 Separations and Electrochemistry (3 credits)
CM345 Advanced Lab (4 credits)
CM371 Physical Chemistry I (3 credits)
CM372 Physical Chemistry II (3 credits)
CM460 Biochemistry I (3 credits)
CM461 Biochemistry II (3 credits)
CM470 Biochemistry/Biotechnology Lab (3 credits)