Message From the Dean

Diego Nocetti

The faculty and staff of the Reh School of Business keep transforming lives. Over the past year, their dedication to our students, their commitment to improving business practices and public policy through their scholarship, and their everyday actions have had a tremendous impact. I am proud of my colleagues and honored to lead such an exceptional group of people as dean of the School. 

Particular praise goes to four members of the Reh School team who recently received prestigious awards for their outstanding work:

  • Farzad Mahmoodi received Clarkson’s Lifetime Achievement in Research and Scholarship Award.
  • Patricia Perrier ’04, MBA’05 received the CUSA Outstanding Teaching Award.
  • Sandra Zuhlsdorf MBA’93 received Clarkson’s Outstanding Advisor Award.
  • Adrienne Boswell ’99, MS’03 received the Commendable Leadership Award from Phalanx.

Below you can also read about one of our famous entrepreneurship competitions, about the exciting work on social media polarization that one of our faculty is conducting, and about new program offerings in supply chain management, entrepreneurial leadership and healthcare management. Cheers to the accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff!

Diego Nocetti, Dean of the Reh School of Business / Elmer Gates ’50 Professor of Innovative Business Culture

Diego Nocetti

Permanent Deanship

The Reh School is pleased to announce the permanent deanship of Professor Diego Nocetti, who slipped into the role of interim dean so easily this past year that his long-term appointment was the natural next step. He was also recently named the Elmer Gates ’50 Professor of Innovative Business Culture. Congratulations on both of these prestigious achievements!

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Responsible Success

Reh students are concerned about making a social impact, not simply about their own success. This concern was apparent at the recent Reh Cup competition, where first-year students pitched their business concepts for funding. The winning company, Allay, will distribute journals to college students and donate funds to counseling centers.

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Team Allay: Tonia Kousmanidis, Alexis Johnson, Jessica Blanchard and Lauren Fox
Golshan Madraki

Gender and Social Media

Polarization in the U.S. is an increasingly worrying trend. But, while most studies of polarization have focused on political or societal angles, Professor Golshan Madraki will investigate gender-based polarization in social media. Her research will be funded by a grant from the American Association of University Women.

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The Future of Health

Wanted: Future healthcare leaders in New York’s Capital Region! Our MBA in Healthcare Management program recently introduced the Future of Healthcare Leadership Fellows program, which will equip professionals with the business expertise needed to lead in the healthcare industry.

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