Cutting-Edge Exploration

Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Zijie Yan has been awarded $1 million by the W. M. Keck Foundation to pursue cutting-edge research in nanoscience,­ the study of structures and materials such as atoms, molecules and objects the size of which is on the nanometer scale (1 - 100 nm).

One nanometer is a billionth of a meter. There are 25.4 million nanometers in an inch.

Yan's research team includes colleagues from the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.

The team’s project, "Light­-Driven Self-Organization of Reconfigurable Artificial Nanomaterials," has the potential to solve one of the greatest unaddressed challenges in nanoscience: the dynamic, directed, precise self-assembly of nanoscale "building blocks" into designed architectures. The research could open the doors to many new ways of utilizing nanotechnology in the everyday world.

"Clarkson has long been a pioneer in materials science research achievements. This support from the Keck Foundation will not only elevate us to the next level of success in materials research, but also has the potential to truly transform nanoscience."

Clarkson Partners with Norsk Titanium

Norsk Titanium, a global supplier of additive-manufactured structural titanium components, is working with Clarkson to develop partnerships relating to materials research, as well as educational programs to prepare Clarkson students for careers in advanced additive manufacturing.

The company is developing a 67,000+-square-foot advanced manufacturing facility in Plattsburgh, N.Y., that will produce aircraft components using Norsk’s proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (RPD™) process.

The pioneering aerospace production facility will require highly trained engineers, scientists and staff to operate it.

“We are pleased to welcome Norsk Titanium to the North Country and to Clarkson University to initiate this exciting relationship,” says Clarkson President Anthony Collins. “I look forward to aligning Clarkson’s rich engineering and research programs with Norsk’s advanced production technologies to give our students the most state-of-the art education possible.”