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Aikido Club No description
Amateur Radio Amateur Radio (K2CC) provides a means for the exchange of technical and operation knowledge concerning amateur radio as well as technical assistance and opportunities for it's members. President -
Anime Club The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in Anime, otherwise known as Japanese animation, and anime related activities. Contact - Jacob Royal
APICS APICS is an international organization of corporation managers and practitioners, public and private educators, business and government researchers, students of many college disciplines, and professionally trained persons from many walks of life. The purpose of the association is to develop professional efficiency in operation management through study, research, and application of scientific methods; and to disseminate state-of-the-art information in the field of manufacturing processes. Additionally, APICS members at all levels are urged to promote awareness and understanding by the general public of more efficient methods of production and inventory control so the entire economy benefits. President -
Association for Creative Thourght
Autonomous Robotics Club Was formed to promote the interest in the advancement of autonomous robotics, enable members to expand upon previous engineering knowledge and most importantly to administer and organize an annual Autonomous Robotics Competition. President - Spencer Williams
Ballroom Dance Was formed to promote interest in Ballroom Dance to increase multidimensionality of Clarkson University and St. Lawrence County by developing the art of partner dancing with weekly meetings. President -
Baseball Club Was formed to allow Clarkson men and/or women a chance to play baseball at all levels of ability.  President - JonPaul Visconte
Belly Dance Club Was formed to promote interest in the foreign dance of Belly Dance, learn the history behind it, broaden our abilities in several different styles of Belly Dance, and increase our physical fitness and abiity all while doing so. President -
Black Student Union
The Bowling Club Was formed to promote interest in bowling and to help develop bowling skills. The club meets every week at the local bowling alley to bowl and have fun. President -
The Broomball Club Was formed to promote interest in the sport of broomball. The club meets every week and plays on the ice in Cheel Arena. President - Keith Juda
Circle K Was formed to provide a practical means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build a better community. President -
Clarkson Guard This organization promotes interest in the partisanship activities of various campus organizations, in addition to, fostering a better relationship between Clarkson University and both local and national military organizations. President -
Clarkson Union Board (CUB) Clarkson's programming board. CUB is responsible for providing the University's entertainment: Comedians like Walli Collins of the Late Show with David Letterman, entertainers such as Dave Binder and hypnotist Jim Wand, local bands like Conehead Buddha and Mudhen, and big bands such as Live, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. CUB is comprised of six different committees including the Entertainment Committee, Comedy, Lights and Sound, Music and Bands/Coffeehouse, Club '99, and the Promotion Committee. President - Kurt Dobler
The Clarksonian The Clarksonian is the University yearbook publication. Students from a variety of fields are involved in different aspects of its development. The Clarksonian needs people interested in photography and layout as well as those with organizational and business skills. This organization meets frequently, and a strong commitment is required. The Clarksonian is now produced on computer and students interested in learning about desktop publishing are encouraged to join.
Clarkson Men's Hockey Club Men's hockey is an organization that allows Clarkson men, who do not qualify for divisional hockey and who want to participate in more than intramural hockey, to participate in hockey. The club practices daily. President - Scott Snyder
Clarkson Women's Hockey Club Women's hockey is an organization that promotes interest in hockey and allows all Clarkson students a chance to play hockey at all levels of ability. President - Scotlynne Rieder
Colleges Against Cancer 
The Crew Club Crew is an organization that was started to provide opportunities for all its members to participate in and to promote a greater interest among the student body in the sport of crew. The club practices daily. President - Dan Allen
The Cycling Club Cycling club brings together people with a common interest in cycling. From hard-core to fun riders, this club offers a little something for everyone. The club holds regular rides, on and off-road, throughout the week and on weekends for anyone interested. President -
Dance Ensemble
Doctors Without Borders Was formed to integrate all Clarkson students who are interested in learning more about and supporting the efforts of the international medical humanitarian organization "Doctors Without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres".  The club also seeks to provide students with guidance into a humanitarian medical career.  President - Bayley LeCours
E&M Society The E&M Society was formed to familiarize members and others with the various careers available to E&M student. - President - Stephanie Griffith
ECO (Environmental Conservation Organization) ECO was formed to promote interest in environmental and human rights through raising public awareness by a variety of methods. These methods may include Earth Day events, on and off campus projects, etc. President - Emily Gonthier
EMS (Emergency Medical Service) 
EWB (Engineers Without Borders)
The Clarkson Flying Club The Flying Club serves everyone with an interest in any kind of aviation. We offer lessons, ground school, instrument simulation and radio controlled airplanes. President - Christopher Tarbell
Foodies Foodies was created to create an inviting social environment for students to work together to expand their cooking skills. President -
Football Club The Football Club was formed to promote interest in Football and to unite the Clarkson community through games and other fall events related to the Football Club. President - Austin Peel
Gaming Club Gaming Club was created to promote the playing of all types of games and board games. President -
Gender & Sexuality Alliance The purpose of the Gay-Straight Alliance is to foster a sense of community among Clarkson students whether they be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, or allies. President - Benjamin McGrath
Clarkson Golden Knotes Acapella/Singing Club Formed to develop skills in the art of singing music, reading music and performing. President - Cassie Chapman
Goldies Dance Team
IDEA - (Interactive Digital Entertainment and Arts) The club was formed to promote interest in game development, animation and CGI. President -
Iranian Student Association 
The Clarkson Integrator The Integrator is a relatively small organization of devoted people who work together to produce a student newspaper. The staff consists of editors, writers, layout persons, advertising staff, business persons, circulators, photographers, cartoonists, and typists. The Integrator office is located on the second floor of the Cheel Campus Center. The paper is distributed to the four associated colleges and to the towns of Potsdam and Canton. Those interested in putting their talents and spare time to good use, can join the staff of the Integrator. No experience is necessary and everyone, from all majors, is welcome! Editor-In-Chief - Danile Bellinger
The International Students Organization International Students is an organization established to make the students of Clarkson become aware of the different cultures present on campus, as well as outside the campus. We organize events such as Culture Week to display the foods, dancing, and movies from different countries We encourage students, both American and International to join. As well as being an informer of different nationalities, it is also a goal to make the International Students feel comfortable at Clarkson. It is a place where they can meet people that may be having the same difficulties growing accustomed to the American way of life. We organize trips for the students who don't have the possibility to fly home over short breaks. The International Reading Room is the room where newspapers in different languages are kept, and where meetings take place. President -
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship We are a group that meets weekly to hang out, develop close friendships, and learn more about God and his plan for our lives. We offer various small groups that meet throughout the week to spend time studying the Bible and discussing what it means. We also organize fun events like hiking, apple picking, an International Thanksgiving Dinner, and a barn dance. Our group is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus and making new friends! So please check out our website to find times and locations for meetings and events, or contact our president, Jamie Davis, with questions.
Jazz Band
Leadership Corps The Leadership Corps' goal is to make an even more positive campus environment by increasing student and staff morale and productivity. Leadership Corps trains its members in presentation skills, effective time management, and problem solving skills, initiative, team work and critical thinking. President - Jasmin Plaza
Lacrosse Club Lacrose Club was formed to promote the game of Lacrosse. President - Harrison Kay
Laser Tag
Math Club The purpose of this organization is to promote interest in mathematics and related topics on Clarkson campus as well as other communities, to provide students interested in mathematics the opportunities to improve their professional skills and expand their professional network. President -
Martial Arts Club
Mountian Bike Club
Newman Club The Newman Club is a Catholic student organization that seeks to build a Christ-centered community through worship, service, and social activities. President -
NYWEA (New York Water Environment Association) NYWEA was formed to promote interest in the environment and they are involved with protecting and enhancing our water resources. President -Christine Abplanalp
The Clarkson Orchestra Clarkson Orchestra is a group that meets once a week to play orchestral music. The purpose of this group is to provide a musical outlet for members of the Clarkson community. President - Michelle Kelley
The Outing Club CUOC encourages and teaches leadership skills as well as responsible treatment of the environment, and enables members to safely participate in outdoor activities. We have a climbing wall in Congdon gym and also an equipment room full of outdoor equipment that can be rented out as needed. President - Dave Desmond
Paintball Club  
The Pep Band Pep Band is a close-knit organization of dedicated Golden Knight hockey fans and musicians. The band performs at every home game, and away games. The band also accompanies the team to ECAC playoffs, as well as NCAA tournament play, which has taken them as far as Minneapolis, Minnesota and Detroit, Michigan. Each trip is a weekend away from Potsdam, and always a lot of fun. The band meets once a week for rehearsals before the season starts, and then as necessary for polishing. Plenty of work goes into rehearsals and practicing so that when game time rolls around, everyone can say, Clarkson has the best team in the ECAC, and the best band too! President - Dylan Aird
The Photo Club Photo Club's main focus is to provide Clarkson students with photo facilities and reduced-rate film and paper. Students pay a membership fee that entitles them to use the recently updated and enlarged facilities in the new academic building; students enrolled in Clarkson's photography class, TC320, also use the darkroom. Photo Club members participate in a few photo contests throughout the year and help the Clarksonian in building a photographic history of Clarkson. President - Joseph Coyne
The Physics Club Physics Club was formed to promote awareness of the physical sciences and provide project facilities to students of the Physics Club. President -
Racquetball Club Racquetball Club started as an organization promoting interest in the sport of racquetball and to organize competition within the club. Now in addition to the in-club competition the Racquetball Club has competed at Universities such as State University at Albany, Colgate, and MIT. If you are just beginning the sport or are a seasoned player who enjoys a little competition, check it out! President - Jake VanBuren
Rocketry Club
Men's and Women's Rugby Clubs Rugby provides recreational, competitive, and travel opportunities for all its members and promotes a greater interest among the student body in the sport of rugby-football. Competition includes three home games and three away games, for both the Men's team and Women's team. If you want to see how tough you really are, come check out the Men's and Women's Rugby Clubs! Presidents - Tai-Avery Alberto/
Scuba Club
SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) The purpose of this organization shall to be promote interest in human resource management and develop human resource skills and the role of a human resource department in the workplace. President -
Silver Wings Silver Wings is a national service organization that promotes patriotism. This organization is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the community, develop personally, develop professionally, and create awareness about the air force. President -
The Ski Club Ski Club organizes day trips to ski mountains in the northeast. President - Mitchell Phillips
SPECTRUM (Shaping Possibilities and Embracing Change to Reach a United Mission) The mission of this service organization shall be to enrich the campus community through co-curricular (social and educational) programming and interactions. SPECTRUM annually offers approximately a dozen initiatives that encourage membership and participation by the entire campus. From guest speakers, to a cinema series, to poetry jams, or talent and fashion shows, the group seeks activities that challenge the status quo and utilizes partnerships with other clubs/organizations, campus departments, and off-campus vendors. SPECTRUM membership is inclusive of students, faculty, and staff. Dues are not required for students who pay an activity fee, however, there is a fee for faculty and staff. President -  - Advisor - Vicki Clark
Sports Car Club (Clarkson Car Club) Clarkson Sports Car Club was formed to promote the working knowledge of cars in a safe environment; to provide members with the opportunity to safely race their cars at a raceway or autocross course, to promote the street legal races at a professional track and not on public roads, and to promote the safe use of cars in these events to the public, as well as provide facilities for the maintenance, repair, and tuning of automobiles to the members of this organization. President - Alexander Tavere
Student Orientation Service (SOS) SOS moves freshmen in at the beginning of the year. It is our job to see that their first day here runs smoothly, and we make the first impression of Clarkson.
Sustainable Synergy Sustainable Synergy was formed to improve existing energy usage in Clarkson University facilities using new high efficiency and renewable technology. President -
Tennis Club Tennis Club was formed to promote the interest in the game of Tennis. Contact -
Theatre Club Theatre Club provides both theatrical entertainment and an outlet for artistic self-expression in the realm of theatre arts for the Clarkson community. The Theatre Club has a play every fall and spring semester. They also put on one-act plays once a year. President -
The Ultimate Frisbee Club Ultimate Frisbee Club is an organization composed of people who have a love for tossing a disc. The club participates in several tournaments in the New England area each semester. Other activities for the club include disc golf, local scrimmages and weekly practices. If you have ever had the desire to catch a disc with your teeth, this is the club for you. President - Christopher LaDuca
Up 'til Dawn
WCKN Television WCKN is the student television station and is also the local cable systems public access station. Being both of those imposes a responsibility not only to the students, but also to the community. We try to fulfill those responsibilities by putting on programming that is both entertaining and educational. Our in-house programming has included hockey games, news, talk shows, comedy shows, game shows, and various other Clarkson sporting events. Station Manager - Jacob McNamara
Wrestling Club
Clarkson Radio (WTSC/WNTC) Clarkson Radio provides interested students with an opportunity to produce their own weekly radio programs, and consequently serve the community by offering entertainment, news and weather, and special programming via the radio. WTSC offers a variety of new and alternative music programs, while WNTC follows a predominately classic rock n' roll format. Clarkson radio DJ's are trained on broadcasting equipment and are taught the rules and regulations associated with broadcasting. Radio station directors assume responsibilities and leadership roles that provide practical experience for future endeavors. Public relations, advertising, recording engineering, business management are all opportunities available to Clarkson's music-lovers through Clarkson Radio. Station Manager - Christopher Naccari